Monday, January 31, 2011

My feb-olutions...

About 3 weeks ago I was complaining about my procrastination issue...problem more like it! :) Well, I had decided that I would write out some february resloutions...since I missed the boat on New Years...but I have forgotten about it pretty much all month long. 
Its FUNNY how you can so easily forget things that are tough to do, like reading your scriptures, praying, writing resolutions, LOL, exersicing, feeding your kids (JK!)....yet its SO easy to remember to do the easy sleeping, eating yummy not-good-for-you snacks, hanging out with friends, READING great books, watching endless ridiculous TV shows/movies, playing board games...ha ha...the list could go on. 
Regardless, my procrastination is ENDING NOW!! ha least for is my list:


-make scripture study more meaningful and regular. This includes reading a few pages each day (at least 2), studying one verse or phrase in depth, and studying characters and words from the index (I started at A, I'm still on A, ha ha).

-more frequent dedicated and meaningful personal prayer (pretty much, just DON'T fall asleep before you finish, lol)

-Help the family remember Family Home Evening ( click HERE to learn more about it and read the resource manual). 

-Family Prayers and scriptures (3 vs per day with the kids...I know, HUGE goal, hey?) You gotta start may just take us 5 years to finish the Book of Mormon, ha ha.

-Be more patient and kind, specifically with my kids. Do this by finding ways to serve them everyday, taking time to spend special time with them every day, and staying calm in frusturating situations. Find better and more consistent ways to work with disciplining A.

-Potty train R (???...should I take this one back? ha one hold me to it, K?)

-exersice (daily hopfeully, but 3 day a week minimum....lose at least 10 pounds...try for one pound a week)

-Continue organzing daily, weekly and monthly. Including meal planning at least one week in advance.

-Straighten things every day, and clean one room well each day.

-start reading some good books (maybe a series?)
-have a snack ready for when A and daddy get home

There is ONE more thing....but I'm not going to list it, because I have no control over it...but it MAY have something to do with

Well, thats my list. Hopefully I can stick to it all year! Well, I think I should plan a month at a time, thats more realisitic. So, scratch that, hopefully I can stick to it all MONTH!! LOL


  1. You can do it Crystal! We just started reading the B of M with our kids a couple of weeks ago. We got one of those children one's with the picture's. Its more like a manual, but its all the B of M stories, and the kids LOVE it! We can get through a chapter a night (most nights!) and Nate even likes to read it all by himself. If you don't have one, you should get one. It was only $13 at the LDS bookstore. Good luck with everything!

  2. That's a lot to work on Crystal! Good luck!
    One of the things I tell my clients is that one small thing in the right direction is good- if you don't get all your goals done all at once, that's ok because you can work on them again the next day!
    Have fun with them and remember to reward yourself!! (JD will love that part!)
    Love ya and have fun!!

  3. good luck!!! you'll do great. and yes, def reward yourself. and celebrate the little victories. you should share any good books that you read! i need some new ones..

  4. Kelli- I think I do have one of those, and we read it too. I just wanted to get them used to reading the real thing too. And its going well so far, just slow! ha ha
    Michelle- I agree, it may be too much together, but I'll try on the bigger ones first.
    Thanks Julie, and yes, I will share if I find any good ones!

  5. I like the very last one. Actually, I LOVE that one. I know it'll happen for you!

  6. THANKS Dallas...I know it will too!!