Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I'm sitting here listening to the sound of my children not sleeping....lol....reading other mom-blogs. I feel very lucky, well...luck has nothing to do with it really. I am blessed, truly blessed,for the life that I have had, and continue to have. 
I think that everyone has trials along the way, as have we....but as I have learned to lean on the Lord more and more, life seems to get easier and more manageable. 

My #1 blessing is my wonderful husband. When I got married, young, happy and in love....I knew that I had found everything I wanted in a man. 

Truly. I wrote a list of all of the things that I felt would encompass the perfect husband, and he was only missing one small point, well half of a point, having a love of music and being musically talented (can anyone guess which half he didn't have? :) Well...5 years later after seeing innumerable divorces, tragic divorces....many of close friends, even family....it saddens my heart to see it all, but increases my gratitude in knowing that the Lord sent such a wonderful man to me. 

Many times I think back our life together, and how it all started out...me a stubborn 16-year old girl....falling in love at such a young age. I definitely regret many of the mistakes I made, although they did make me stronger...but through all of my mistakes, I wonder how I ended up with this man. 
Out of all of the men, well boys really, that I dated....how I dodge SO many bad bullets...and ended up with THIS man. The man of my dreams....the perfect man for me.

My dad would sometimes call my life "charmed", everything good would happen to me. But maybe thats not the case, maybe its that I try and focus on the good...and am blessed in return. I do have  a lot of blessings. Too many to count, or name....but some big ones would be: 

-my 2 wonderful boys whom I LOVE to watch learn and grow

-our church, the people, our callings...how close it is, the Gospel, those new mormon messages videos (LOVE!)....pretty much everything really.

-our home, and my wonderful in-laws for making it happen (wonderful in-laws in general too, they are amazing)

-my family....whom I love conversing with on a continua basis. There are so many fun things that we do together, playing games, singing, lazer-tagging (lol, but true!)....but my favorite thing by far is the visiting. I hate to go to sleep when I'm there, I just want to stay up and talk all night! We have the most stimulating and interesting conversations....oh, and I also love long distance plans, for the same reason, ha ha.

-We have always been blessed financially....never overly wealthy, but we've never had to worry too much about money. This is also in part by my wonderful husband who is amazing with money, and has taught me a LOT about it. I've come a long ways from the 18-year old girl who would spend all of her money and just a mere few months....

There are SO many things that I love....and am eternally grateful for. These blessings are what keep me going, and always assure me that the Lord is with me every step of the way...even in the hard times. 

 I love many of the videos found on lds.org....but this one touched me today...

on a happy side note....R was in the tub this evening and told me that he needed to go potty...and he went! Happy Day! looks like potty training might start early with this one.


  1. Even though I've been feeling so yucky lately, I definitely feel very blessed as well! And I feel the same way about my husband. He is so amazing and I really have little to complain about with him. I love coming to playgroup and chatting with you and all the incredible ladies in our ward. Thanks for the uplifting post!

  2. Thanks for reading! And commenting....I also really enjoy our chats at playgroup...its a really nice break, and I feel a lot closer to all of the women there.