Sunday, January 16, 2011

My children are geniuses....

so.....2 amazing things today from my two AMAZING boys.
I just have to say, my children are geniuses....seriously....ha ha. 
I have been trying to teach A spelling, and writing and what not for ages. Of course, he never really payed attention, and was not learning a thing from me. 
I felt like preschool would be a good idea for him, for one, because he was BEGGING me to go ("MOM, all of my friends go....I don't want to go to the school that you just do at home with me, I want to GO to school"), and for two, so that he could start to learn these sorts of things, in case I decide to start him in kindergarten in the fall(which I'm currently very undecided about). 
So....back to the beginning again, he has not learned a THING from me...but he has tried, sometimes. One of my friends kids had gone to preschool and learned a ton about letter recognition, and he could even spell his own name
My goal at the end of this preschool semester was that he would learn to spell his own name. And lo and behold....he learned in the FIRST day!! No joke. It was wobbly for sure, and not all on one line....but CRAZY! He learned that all in one day? Then he comes home telling us all about polar bears, where they live, how they sleep etc. 
And todays amazing thing? He drew a rocket ship. An amazing rocket ship....the right shape and size, with fire coming out the bottom, a door with a knob, and a window. And just a week ago, he would try and draw one, and it would look like chicken scratch. He's a genius. Period. ha ha. amazing number 2?? 

Every once in a while R would be holding something and say "red", or "blue" or "green". Lately it seemed like he would even get the colors right too, but I just shrugged that off, thinking that he just lucked out somehow. 
Well, today in church, someone hands him 2 dinosaurs, a red one and a green one...and he turns to me and says "red" showing me the red one, and "green" showing me the green one!!!! He turned to his daddy, and did the same thing! I was sooooo.... SURPRISED! 
Thinking again that this is the craziest thing ever, as most kids his age don't even speak that much yet....I tested him when we got home...on a TON of stuff...and sure enough, he's a GENIUS! ha ha ha ha ha
I Love my kids. 
Oh, and I know, I haven't new years resolved yet, but don't worry...its Coming....before february...I promise...what's that word again? procrasti- what? ha ha...not me, not me at all.

Blog out!
p.s. I just read this a loud to daddy and he said it sounded rather "gloaty", not that thats even a sorry, I'm not trying to gloat, I just LOVE to talk about my kiddos....what else is there to talk about really? LOL


  1. It's YOUR blog, so gloat about your kids all you want! It's funny when they learn stuff from other people. Grant learned to drink from a cup in nursery, and this Sunday they said he REALLY knows his colors... they play this game where they have to run to the color of poster that they say. He's smarter than I thought?

  2. It's not gloating when it's about your kids!!! You could gloat about money, your home, your car, your stuff... but when it's about your family, you are bragging because you LOVE them and everyone can see that!!! I know it won't be long before I'm bragging like crazy about Zane, I already tell everyone he's the cutest baby I've ever seen!

  3. It's true...not gloating, lol...they are cute, so it's hard not to talk about them all day long:)