Wednesday, January 26, 2011

so I am alive...
I just haven't been writing as regularily as I would like too. R has been really sick...just a bad chest cold, that he probably caught from A being in preschool or something. 
In other R news...he has been learning more and more colors, and commonly gets blue, red, green and yellow right now. We are attempting potty training, just for a week or two, to see if he is ready. He is the one who instigated it, and he definitely seems ready, so we will see. He just seems so young! I woulnd't have started, but he keeps we shall see how it goes. So far, so good...he's been doing really well, and LOVES his Buzz Lightyear pull-ups. 
With A, it took quite a while, and we had to bribe him with fancy underwear, snacks, sticker charts...anything and everything you could imagine. With R, he just loves positive attention so much that all we have to do is clap for him! Its hilarious...he just loves it when we clap after he goes...ha ha...but everyone in the house has to be clapping too, no matter where you are. 
R is also SO polite. Even in the middle of the night, he'll wake up, and if we get him water or a pillow, or whatever he needs he always says "thankyou mom, thankyou dad...night night". He says "thankyou" more frequently than any other word. 
He loves his brother, A...and does and says everything that A does. 
We rearranged their rooms, so they sleep in bunkbeds, and share one room. The other room is now a toy room, which they LOVE and play in all day.
A is REALLY loveing his preschool, and learning a ton. Way more than  I could teach him. I could only hold his attention for so it was hard doing "learning time" with him too often. But as his new preschool he has been learning SO much. He always comes home and tells us teh wonderful things he's been learning. 
This month they are learning about community service workers...and he told me that he got to meet a REAL nurse last time...ha ha..he was pretty excited. I guess he didn't realize that he's met several REAL nurses, as we have quite a few nurse friends, ha ha. I guess he's never seen them in uniform, so it doesn't count. LOL.
In other news...we have cleaned out and rearraranged the basement, so there are NO toys down there at all. We got some weights and a rebounder and stuff set up, so I plan on working out while watchign TV now. Hopefully that works, because nothing else has yet, ha ha.
There are some good and exciting things going on with us too, and when they are more official I'll anounce it to the blogosphere, lol. 
Daddy is enjoying work, and we are really enjoying having exchange students, and how much money we've been able to save. Daddy mentioned the other day that maybe it would be good for us to stay in lethbridge, because of everything we have here. 
We really are blessed....we have super cheap rent, a beautiful home, good jobs...we have been saving a TON of money it would be difficult to find such a sweet deal somewhere else. So we are thinking about how to make that work...because this job definitely isn't it....but another position within this company might work. 
Anyways...a lot to think about..and a LOT of exciting desicions to make. I know that if we keep praying, that things will keep working out for us, and we will blessed in whatever it is we are supposed to be doing. 


  1. I totally agree. You should definitely stay in Lethbridge!

  2. Okay, okay...I'm sold, ha ha!