Friday, February 11, 2011

My friday with a little chocolate on top...

I had an AMAZING girls night last night, with such a great turn out. A couple of gals from purely inspired came over and did us over...and everyone looked fantabulous! I must admit, I looked a bit creepy, as I did one eye with a more lavish look, and one with a casual look...completely different colors...ha was FUN!! Thanks ladies!! Oh, and we also made some fantastic home-made lipgloss...if you want to learn how, check THIS blog out. Sorry, I didn't take pics!

TODAY was chocolate day....EVERYTHING in chocolate...ha ha...we went a little crazy, Katie even drizzled some on my arm...but it was LOADS of fun, and turned out WAY cute. So, if you LOVE chocolate...then READ ON!! And if you were thinking of not coming over tonight, think again...these babies will change your mind...we're gonna PARTY tonight!! personal fave of the day, taste-wise

Marshmallow dipped in chocolate...these were the prettiest...

Pink, red, white and milk chocolate



Another one of the strawbs...they were just so dang good!

I hope everyone else has a GREAT Valentines day weekend...HAPPY FRIDAY!!


  1. I forgot to give photo credits to katie, my pics always turn out uneven and blurry...she did a pretty good job, eh? I promised her I'd give her photo credits! ha ha

  2. Ha ha! thanks Crystal!! Hope you have fun tonight, I'll be there in spirit.