Monday, February 21, 2011

Pictures of Roos' party and my cool creations for it!

Close up of the cake pops that I made! Complete with cute little ribbons

the whole cake pop cake, mom helped me decorate it

this one I made to look like a bouquet of flowers or something, for my neighbor who's dad just passed away

These are the angel food cupcakes I the making here, with strawbs and raspberries

all finished...the cupcake cake

little roo waiting in anticipation for his cupcakes

The over-excited guests

opening presents....he was most excited about the spiderman bag....:)

digging in!!The berries were his fave part...he pretty much just ate them and the whipping cream

my cousin dropped by for a bit took this pic because everyone thinks we look so much alike

party poopers....they all fell asleep after the can barely even see Ju-ju's head, ha ha
Some more guests...before they fell asleep for the evening


  1. Love the cupcakes and the cakepops.... Wish I was there to have eaten some... happy 2nd birthday R!

  2. Thanks!! i wish you were there was a blast...and S U P E R yummy...if i do say so myself, ha ha