Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Craft-filled week...

So, all week long I've been adoring these amazing blogs all about FUN crafts and cooking ideas. I finally decided to try some out. The biggest reason I never did any before, was that I didn't have the at the beginning of this week, I wrote out everything I would need, and found most of the supplies at the dollar store or bulk barn.
My next plans are to make THESE cute crayon hearts and some strawberries dipped in chocolate swirled with white and pink chocolate drizzles. Oh, and something like THIS for the dance tomorrow night. Anyone want to come craft/cook with me tomorrow? It should be fun!!!
Anyways...on to the stuff I made this week....

These are the cutesy little valentines day cards I made for A's preschool friends:

Then I made THESE cute sandwiches for A's preschool snack, along with THESE delicious cupcakes...but I forgot to take pictures of them (my cupcakes weren't quite as cute as hers, because my icing didn't set properly, but they tasted AMAZING!!), so you'll just have to check out that blog for what they looked like. I LOVED how great my sandwiches worked out, and I'm a little sad I didn't get any pictures of them.
This photo is off PB and J sandwiches I made with the leftover small hearts, for the boys breakfast:

Thes are some decorations around the house that I made:
This is a V-day sign I hung, I was quite surprised at how even the lettering turned out!

I found this heart idea on a blog...and just used scrapbooking and origami paper to make these little hearts

These are bigger hearts I made, mixed with the small

Here's how the whole big string looks.
This is a cake plate I made from a regular plate and a candlestick. 

 Thats about it for the decorations, besides this snack bowl covered in white in tissue paper,  that I dolled up with some  pieces of confetti.      


  1. Cute!! All of them turned out so good :)

  2. LOVE A's picture with the lolipop idea... srsly LOVE IT!
    and the cake plate was my second favorite...

    Miss you C :(
    Come home k?


  3. i made the crayon hearts a couple of weeks ago. and they look fabulous. sometime i should take a pic of them and put them on my blog, but i like them a lot. super cheap and easy too. =)

  4. Thanks guys! I love how they all turned out.
    melissa- you should put a pic up of yours, I hope mine turn out good, I've never tried them yet!!