Tuesday, February 15, 2011

love day

I LOVE love day....its fantastic. Its even more fantastic that my hubby loves me SO much that he celebrates it with me (-ish, ha ha) even though he dislikes it! He doesn't relaly believe in all these little holidays...present-giving, celebrating...all the hooplah...but he does it anyways because he loves me!!
He came home from work bearing flowers, mini-eggs (my FAVE treat, bar none) and he even brought the boys home these cute little heart-shaped balloons....awwww. 
Well he was gone, we made our own little home-made old school valentines, and wrote all the things we love about him on the backs of the hearts. A and R's consisted of alot of scritch-scratchy colors, but A did manage to spell his name out pretty well...and they love him because he plays with them, and tickles them...ha ha..their funny. 
I opted to give him a coupon for a couples massage and pedicure! I'll tell you how it goes! 
Anyways...love day is over...but thats fine with me, because I celebrate it every day of the year!! I LOVE all of my boys...they are FANTASTIC!!

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  1. Nothing better then a Valentine's day gift that you get to enjoy too!