Friday, February 4, 2011

Date night...

Daddy and I are pretty much always late for our friday night temple dates....but whatever, at least we still have FUN!! So...this afternoon, how many things could go wrong. The car broke down yesterday, so my plan to pick up ther sitter before daddy got home didn't work out so well there. Then, daddy got stuck on a call at work, coming home 1/2 hour late...oh, I almost forgot, of course the van was out of gas, why wouldn't it be? ha's always empty, because we always drive the we have one full broken car, sitting in front of the house, HA! Happy date night to us!! LOL
Daddy has the serious issue with driving, where he always falls asleep. ALWAYS.period. He gets some weird idea every once is a while, that he's not sleepy, and he'll be fine driving, but no! It never ends well. So, he takes the wheel on the west side, and before we even leave Lethbridge, he's going off about how the sun beating down on him, mixed with the lull of the engine and blah blah blah...he's already falling asleep! How that can even be possible, I don't know...I can't even fall asleep in the dark, at night, when all is quiet! Let alone in a noisy car, with other cars everywhere, on a sunny afternoon day....crazy man!
As I'm realizing this, yet again...surprise, surprise...I am just wishing that I could be resting or napping or something, but no, I have to stay up and keep him awake. 
So...this is what we do when we have no fun conversations to start, PLAY 20 questions!! YAY!!! Its actually more like 175ish questions, because we ask until we actually guess the object/thing/whatever...! Here is a list of the "answers" to our game: a grain sylo, fog, plastic and Harry Potters wand (WHAT?!) that one obviously wasn't mine...he was just going for a really tricky one because I stumped him so hard on grain sylo. 
The rest of the date was about as fantastic as our game of 20 questions...which, just in case you were wondering, was AWESOME!!! Basically, just full of fun and laughter.
                                Blog out!