Friday, February 18, 2011


I realized that I haven't written since Valentines day...but there's not much to say about this week. The first few days were grand. We FINALLY got the car back in working I was able to get out of the house with the kiddos...and even managed to get the boys hair cut! 
Boy, was that fun. NOT! ha ha...R cried THE whole time....saying "ouchie! ouchie!" everytime she would cut....ha ha...apparently getting your hair cut hurts! Who knew! LOL. 
A's wasn't quite as bad, although he really dislikes the feeling of cut hair all over his face and neck...but they were both bribed by some YUMMY v-day they stayed still, even though they REALLY didn't want to!

We were also able to run some MUCH needed errands...with only one minor mishap. Daddy had taken off the back seat of the car, to try and fix it hinmself, and it hadn't been put on yet. He failed to mention to me that the car made HORRIBLE bannging sounds, because of everything loose in the trunk...which apparently is muffled wit the seat on, but not when its off. 

Not knowing this, I attempted to drive it home, only to completely FREAK out, thinking that something was scraping or breaking or something...I pulled over several times. 
BUT, since I don't have a cell phone, and knew that my hubby would be at home waiting for me, I just drove REALLY slowly....only to find out that the car was FINE!! I was so stressed...and wasn't too happy that he failed to mention this noise problem to me. It seriously sounded like something SO bad.

He claims that he did warn me I was walking off to the car he yelled out "don't be scared!:...which I thought was weird...but just brushed off...I was thinking something more along the lines of "the car is going to make a ridiculoulsy loud scraping and grinding sound the WHOLE time your driving it, and you may start thinking it will explode any minute, with YOU in it...but no worries...its just the natural sounds of the car, so don't freak out."....ha ha...nope, not him. LOL. Anyways...enough of my rant. 
You'd think that was the worst part of my week...but it actually wasn't! I watched my sisters kids on wednesday....I tried putting my boys to sleep, but they knew that the girls were up watching a movie..and so they were HORRIBLE!!!  After about 2.5 hours of yelling, and getting out of there beds, and throwing absolutely everything off their bunkbeds...they FINALLY fell asleep. And unfortunately the next morning, it didn't get any better...they slept bad that night, and woke up grumpy the next day (yesterday) that day was awful too. Not to mention that I have horrible cramps, and might be a little bit more on edge than usual(oh, and did I mention that my little friend came 11 DAYS EARLY!! not too excited about that...ggggrrrrr)...R must have been feeling my pain, as he cried almost ALL day, for no apparent reason. It was  fantastic
Luckily those days rarely happen, and most days are awesome. They both usualy listen as well as you could hope for, ha ha, and R never cries for no reason (well, not very often at least) I can't complain. 
Today is already going much better, besides that I'm feeling really junky...they are both back to their normal selves! Which is great for me, as I've bene laying around in pain most of the morning...hopefully that changes soon!

By the way, I'm SUPER excited for this wknd...for 2 reasons: 
1) I think I may have convinced my family to drive down and visit! And I LOVE my family!!!
2) Its little R's 2nd Birthday on SUNDAY!!! Yay!! He is SO adorable, if you ask him how old he is turning, it takes him a while, but he says "2!" while holding up 1 finger, so then I show him how to do it...and he emphatically holds up ALL of his fingers while shouting "2!!" ha ha...he'll get it one day. Oh, and he knows somehow that birthdays mean treats, so he's been talking about cupcakes ALL week long...ha ha...I better make cupcakes! I was going to go for angel food cake, can you make those into cupcakes? :) 
Hope everyone else is enjoying their weekend as much as we are!!

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