Monday, February 21, 2011

Roo turns 2!!

My little roo-bear turned 2 yesterday...he's getting SO big! And SO sweet....I just love him to pieces. When he was born, they rolled him out of the OR to see his daddy....who later said that one of his first thoughts was the he just looked like a Reuben. There had been so many names on our list, and that was not one of my top names....maybe daddy's, but not mine. My faves were: "Maverick, Zaid and Holden". But as that sweet little boy was snuggled into my arms...I could feel that he came with his own unique personality. I felt the same way when naming A, like you could just tell what kind of a baby, child and person that they would end up being. So, with R, the same thing happened....except that I presumed he would be similar to A, and so I had come up with names like his. But, he wasn't at all similar. He had a completely different spirit about him...each of our boys were uniqe, and wonderful in their own ways. R had a sweet scalming spirit. I had the feeling that he would be quiet, an easy child (not baby, unfortunately), I sensed his obedient and calm nature. I also had a huge sense that he would be intelligent...quiet, calm and really intelligent. It seems like a weird thought to have about a baby, but thats what I thought. And so Reuben it was, as that is the only name that really fit him. We have loved him ever since that day, SO much more than you fathom possible...and here us my post dedicated to him and  the neat things that he does and has learned in the past 2 years:

-he's always been SUPER snuggly....I LOVE that kids snuggles.

-he's always so quiet and good-natured. He would rather just sit and listen to everyone else, or quietly talk to himself as he plays. Its common for him to play completely by himself for an hour, just talking, and making airplane noises, or walking around...he really does have such a sweet little personality.

-he LOVES us so much, he is always more than ecstatic to see us. Even if  I just run out of the house to the van, or to get the mail, when I come back in he RUNS over to me and is completely over-the-moon that I'm back home...its wonderful. :) He loves his dad and brother too. One of my fave parts of the day os seeing the boys completely freak out when daddy gets home from work, they run out the door to him, yelling "daddy, daddy, daddy!" and giving him HUGE hugs. He always copycats everything that A does and says too. If R doesn't want to do something, all we have to do is get A to do it first, and he will follow suit immediately. Its pretty funny.

-He is SO smart. I know I've said this before, but he really is. He never does anything on demand though, he just sits talking to himself in his highchair, while eating or something....and suddenly I realize that he's actually saying something SUPER smart. The amazing thing is that we have never told him to do these things, or practiced them with him...he just listens and learns. One time it was numbers, he counted from 11-16, and 7-11...and then started doing his colors, of which he now knows brown, green, blue, red and orange....he did the ABC's the other day (only missing a few letters too!); the other day as I was cooking in the kitchen he came into me with a magnet letter saying "Mom! This is an O!" with the letter O, I was completely surprised, as we had never even started practicing any sort of letters names or sounds with him yet...he does the same with the letter "A", and anytime he sees one in a book, or written around the house, he makes sure to stop and tell us.
-The only thing we have to do to convince him to pee on the potty, is tell him that we will ALL clap for him. He LOVES it when we clap after he pees....its stinkin hilarious. Although, everyone in the house has to stop what they are doing and clap loud enough for him to hear, ha ha.
-He is incredibly obedient. Ever since he was a little baby, maybe 10-12 months....if he was crying or throwing a tantrum and we told him to stop, he would! He can be screaming and yelling, and all I'll say is "Roo, its not appropriate to scream like that, you need to stop" and now matter how loud he is crying, he'll stop immediately, like mid-cry! Its pretty much amazing....I don't even know if I could have the self control to stop mid-cry, ha ha.
-He loves his highchair and his playpen! He's always saying how good his sleep was the night before, and that his playpen is "SO comfy", ha ha. And uf he sees another little kid getting put in his highchair, he throws quite the fuss....he'll stay in that thing for an hour, just eating and playing with his food...its great!
-He talks SUPER yesterday we went into the bathroom to look for his little potty seat and he said "Mommy, I can't find it!" and promptly walked around looking for it, and when we found it he said 'Oh, here it is, my potty seat, I found it! I pick it up and bring it" and walked it into the bathroom to put it on and then "pee in the potty, I clap it! daddy clap it! mommy and A, clap it too!"....ha ha...he says the cutest things, an has the cutest little voice. I would have never thought that "booger-wipe please!" could sound SO cute!!!!! ha ha.
-He is excited about life. Anything and everything is SO exciting!! As is apparent by his voice intonation...he always yells when he's excited "GO TO POTTY!!!" or "GET THE MAIL!"...he gets excited over pretty much everything.
-I almost forgot, he is incredibly polite....he says please and thankyou all the time. Thankyou is one of his favorite to "No, I don't want too!"....even in the middle of the night, he'll be tired, cranky and crying...and he still he never forgets to say thankyou when we do anything for him!

Well thats my little roo-bear in a nutshell, he's sweet, he loves us and we love him! Happy Birthday R!!

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