Friday, December 31, 2010

sick sick sick at a wedding

It seems like with Christmas always comes sickness, at least in some form. Lucky for us this year it has come in ALL forms! Some of us had the flu, some colds, some worse colds, and some everlasting  kind of flu-bugs....and unfortunately we're not out of the woods yet. Which is why I haven't updated the blog yet on our wonderful Christmas!! 
I will soon though....promise...hopefully my pictures will work out too. It seems like every time I want to take a picture, my camera is can it always be dead? I don't know...but it happens every stinkin time, ha ha.
On another HAPPY dear friend V just got married to the LOVE of her LiFe S...and they make a wonderful THE best. I was sad that we had to miss the wedding ceremony, because I was over-the-moon sick....but I made it to the family dinner (with a huge roll of toilet paper stuffed into my purse for my ever-dripping nose). It was wonderful, and she looked beautiful, although, she always does so NO surprise there. 
They had cafe rio for the family dinner (YUM!!), jones soda and a candy bar....also a photo booth with some really FUN props. It was really nice...and the speeches we're great. THE best part however was a couple little nieces and nephews, max 5 years old, probably younger...singing L O V E ....they even had a choreogrpahed dance during the instrumental was the cutest thing I've seen in a long time...and i just wish I had been videotaping it!! It was to DIE for adorable...
anyways....all in all it was  a good day...and I'm hoping for an amazing evening tonight, if my nose ever decides to STOP running!! It's driving me CrAzY!!!
peace out...I'm going to attempt to rest for the afternoon with my 2 crazy kids....ha ha...ya right!!!

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