Thursday, December 16, 2010

my little R, and other news...

R is getting SO big and SMART and just wonderful all around...not that he wasn't before, lol. We went to the doctor the other day, a pediatrician that we meet with once a month, because of some previous problems that little R has had. This time he was HUGE....he has gained almost 3 pounds this last month, to bring him to a whopping 25 lbs!!! Which is a pretty big deal around here, since most months he either loses weight, or doesn't gain any. the funny thing is, his height is still pretty low, 5th he's just turning into a tubby little bunny. 
Lately he has been speaking in more sentences than ever before, and its stinking adorable! He was in the tub with A, and when A stole his toy he said "A truck please me!" ha was SO cute. In other firsts....he started asking to go on the potty a  few weeks ago. I decided there is no harm in trying, so I let him whenever he wants to...and today he actually peed on the potty!! would be pretty amazing if he ended up being an easy potty-trainee...because A sure wasn't. He does love to copycat his older brother though...he walks around all day calling for "A, brother, A, brother!"...its pretty much sweet.
R has a really funny personality, pretty much 2 polar opposites....he's either smiling ad laughing, or screaming at the top of his lungs. We were at the mall the other day, and he was giggling and laughing SO loud, the WHOLE time...everyone thought he was adorable. This one lady stopped and said "Is he always like this?" and I said "Ya, when he's not screaming!" ha ha...and thats the truth. The funny thing is, he is just so agreeable. He is THE most obedient child...he does anything and everything you tell him to do, no matter if he wants to or not. If he's screaming, I always tell him "R, its not appropriate to scream, use your words please" and he immediately stops and says "okay!", no matter how much he was previously tantrum-ing, he almost always stops.
We've been SO crazy busy lately, that we haven't made it to the temple this month, or actually on a date at ALL this month, which is a bummer. Fortunately for us, one of our dear friends V is getting married to the LOVE of her life, S, and he is her PERFECT match....they make the cutest little lovey dovey ooey gooey couples ever....and they are getting married on the 30th, so we will at least be able to sneak in a wedding at the temple, that counts right? ha ha. 
As for our weekly date, we may go out for a bit tonight...but we get to go hang out in Calgary with some good friends this weekend, which should be a BLAST! Almost fun enough to make up for no date, ha ha. 
Tonight we get to say go to a farewell of one of our exchange students...we're still looking for another one this January, so if you know of anyone, let us know!
Oh, and I am SO so so excited for this sunday....ALL music...and some great songs at that....I think it'll be fantastic. If anyone feels like coming to our ward this sunday, and skipping out of theirs, let me know! ha ha, it'll be great!!


  1. Oh, the music is this Sunday! yeah. We'll be there. I thought it was going to be on boxing day.

  2. YAY you're coming to Calgary!! :) We're gonna be there Saturday morning and sleeping over and going to church with Russ and Amy on Sunday. Are you guys staying over night? Can't wait to see ya!