Tuesday, December 7, 2010

life and other things...

What inspired me to write a blog post today was to tell you about the cutest thing that A said in his prayers tonight....so be sure to read the funny quotes at the bottom...

LIFE has been busy for us....mostly busy with up's so thats good! It feels like my whole life is just filled with music around this time. I teach the primary children (little kids at church, up to age 12) how to sing...so my life is always full of music anyways, but is seems even more so now. 
Just a few weeks ago was the primary presentation, which is always fun....full of little kids singing songs they've learned all year....well, at least practiced all year, ha ha. I was super busy dealing with that as of late..and now its December, when every Sunday seems full of music

I've been teaching the kids a new song they'll sing in church this sunday. I'm also involved in the church choir, and we are singing in church this sunday too. After church, that evening, we are in a choral festival, in which we are singing "Angels we have heard on high"...the Sally Deford version.. (click here)...which is the same vocals as usual, but an AWESOME 4-hands piano and 2-hands organ triplet (is that a word? not a duet, so triplet? lol, I may have made it up, but it sure sounds like a word!). I am one of the 4 hands on the piano, and let me tell you, it sounds SO amazing altogether, I'm pretty stinkin' excited to finally do it this week. 

On the 19th, so 2 Sundays from now, we are doing music for the whole hour long sacrament meeting at church. So, altogether about 8 or 10 songs...of which I'm playing 2, and singing 3 or 4 I think...so busy busy. OH, and I was asked to direct that musical, I posted about before....so I have to come up with a song/dance for a 5 minute music for 20+ women from church, to sing at a talent show in January.

The busiest part of all of this is all of the practicing, practicing piano duets, singing duets, singing choir, singing quartets...I haven't even started practicing for the musical, because there is NO extra time, at all...wwhhhhewwww....my LIFE is FULL of singing right now (oh, I almost forgot I got a call tonight to play the piano for the Christmas party this Saturday too, he he)

It may seem like I am complaining a bit, but I actually do love it. Christmas is ALL about the music...and I LOVE music...so it helps me stay in the Christmas spirit. I also enjoy that it buds my talents....the more I am involved in musical things, the more I get better at sight reading, both in playing the piano and singing parts.

In other things, I'm completely done all my decorating, and pretty much all of Christmas gift buying as well. Which is quite a feat, since how there are 18 of us in my side of the family, and 6 in Daddy's....so ya, LOTS of present buying, which we did most of online. SO much cheaper and easier, and cuter, for the most part too, ha ha.
Also, I found an awesome site called groupon....you should check it out. This last weekends offer was $35 for $100 in product to picaboo....which is awesome!! So, I decided to make some photo books as extra Christmas presents...oops, that probably should have been a surprise, so if your reading this, and you think you might be getting one...just forget about it between now and the 25th okay? ha ha

Funny Quotes: Part of A's prayer tonight..."thankyou for the prophets and for the angels way high up in the sky, that give us commandments, and please bless that santa will some REALLY really really really soon...like as fast as a rocketship!" L.O.L....and that is why I love that little boy to pieces!

Daily Gratitudes: pretty much everything right about now...this season, my tree, my decorated house (yay!), my kids....and that my patience has gotten much better with them (although still does need improvement, lol).


  1. Oh Crystal, I WISH our ward was doing more music, like the weekend before Christmas! My home Ward did that and I LOVED it. It just brings the spirit so strongly into the meeting. A friend in the Ward and I are singing on the 19th too....but as far as I know, we're the only ones :( It would be nice to sit back and listen to more of it......but alas! :)

    Good luck with everything!!!!

  2. Thanks so much! I'm excited to listen to all of the numbers...the whole thing will just be music...I LOVE it!