Thursday, December 2, 2010


So, I have to get together a 5-minute can be a skit, play, dance...anything. I've decided on doing a fun musical number, with some sort of singing and dancing....I could use some help though. 
I'll post all of my ideas...and then comment on which one you think would be funnest! Keep in mind, it will be a group of all women, of all ages...and I'm not sure how big...hopefully 20+. 
1) 5 minute musical medley, for example Mary Poppins. We would put together a song made up of a whole bunch of songs from this musical, and sing a stanza or two of each one...we could dress-up in fun costumes, and make it funny.
2) A parody on the 12 days of Christmas, making up words that have to do with new years resolutions (the activity this if for is in January)...we would dress up in sweet 70s/80s clothes and do a skit/musical.
3) The song off of Glee....singin' in the rain/under my umbrella...I love the dance they do to it. We would try and make it really similar, but we wouldn't be able to get water on the stage or anything, which looks SO sweet when they do it. Here is the youtube link: 
4) Glee version of Don't stop of Believin'. I thought it would be fun to change the words on this one...I don't have any ideas...but it could be funny, but still have some really good singing in it too....I thought it would be fun if we started in the audience too. So, we'd all be at random tables, and then just start singing out of the kind of a surprise...I thought that might be fun. Here is the link:

So....what do you think? They are all good, hey? Its tough to choose, and I'm supposed to decide this weekend. I'm pretty much the most indecisive person any tips would be appreciated! Thanks!


  1. The last one sounds kind of like a flash mob. You can look them up on youtube- its a new.... craze (I don't know if thats the right word)
    There is a 12 days of Christmas that Coaldale RS did at the Christmas party last year or the year before and if you were able to contact someone in their activities people, you may be able to run across a copy- they got Tonya and I to sing with them and it was funny and I had fun!

  2. They all sound like fun! What do you have to do this for?

  3. Its for a RS activity...we'll all be learning it, and then performing it for a stake talent show.
    Michelle-which one looked funner do you think? And ya, I was going off of the flash mob idea, I just didn't know it had a name! lol

  4. Glee, singing/umbrella FOR SURE!

  5. Thats my fave too! I would love to do that one the most....except that I have 2 is that we won't be able to find sheet music or a good enough version of it to play in the background....and two, that the dance won't look good without the water, because some of the moves might not make sense?