Tuesday, December 21, 2010

LIFE is good

So...we had a fantastic weekend, super busy...but wonderful. We drove to calgary to visit some family and friends, and did shop christmas shopping as well, of course. 
We went to ikea, and found THE set of bunk beds that I really want, only to find out that they pack it in this HUGE long 9 ft-ish box...that definitely would NOT fit in the van. Fortunately, I wanted it so bad, that I convinced daddy to go back the next day, and we attached it to our roof....with a 1/2 hr of twine (thats right, ha ha...daddy was twining it to the roof for a full half hour in the freezing COLD!!).
It was great to see my sister and her hubby too, they have a nice little basement suite, and we all had a great sleep there. We also played this stinkin' funny game called scribblish...it was a blast!! 
The next morning we drove to our friends house to hang out with some of daddy's old high school friends and their families...it was SO nice seeing them, we rarely get together anymore, so its really nice when we do. 
We also drove up to the new mall, north of calgary, and spent most of the time at Bass pro shops, which is AWESOME!!the kids loved it....they had stuffed animals and big rocks, waterfalls, streams....it was CrAzY!!
The funnest part was standing in lone to see santa. They had a whole north pole section, with stuffed deer, and a ton of free games for the kids to play. Like racecars, remote control cars, guns, wii games....it was great! The pictures we're free too! We had a great time. Here's a GROUP shot of us! :

I'm excited for the next time that we can go up and visit again....we'll have to try and make it more, because we haven't really been going anywhere lately. 
In January, there are some exciting things happening...I can't say all of them, BUT, we will be applying for jobs again! Daddy really needs to get a job in what he wants to be doing, so we'll start looking everywhere starting in January. We think it would work our really nicely if daddy changed jobs in the next few months, and in between jobs we could go visit Nica and grandpa down in CHILE for a few weeks...but we'll see!

I spent all day yesterday with my fabulous friend D, and my wonderful sister-in-law, K sewing the cutest little DIY crafts. Well, by sewing I mean, I did everything but sew, I cut, cut some more, and stuffed a TON! I don't sew at all, so I left that up to the pros...and we ended up with 18 of these SUPER cute owls!!
here are a few of them:

I finally uploaded some pictures of our Christmas decorations...so I'll post them soon!!

funny quote: A was cleaning his room and yelled out to me "MOM! I love you!" ha ha...more sweet than funny, he's a doll. And R's new word he loves to say is "Hosanna! Hosanna!" ha ha....
Daily Gratitudes: my children. Our financial situation, as we have been able to get the kids a lot for Christmas this year.

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