Tuesday, December 14, 2010


man....I realized that this whole writing-in-the-blog-once-a-day stuff is just not working out for me, LOL. So, my new goal is at least once a week, but hopefully twice, ha ha. 
So, I'm ridiculously excited for CHRISTMAS, mostly because I get to see my family...and it feels like its been WAY too long since we've been up there. Also, I LOVE giving presents to A, because he just loves them so much, and gets SO stinking excited about each one, its awesome. We got him a ton of presents this year too....probably too many...but they we got really good deals on them! ha ha. Anyways, we got stuff for R too, just not as much.
 I'm still looking for a bunk bed though because the boys love to sleep together now. I'm hoping to find one before Christmas (which is NEXT weekend! CRAZY!!). So....we'll see....Daddy decided that he needs to get in shape, these last 5 years of marriage have taken a toll on his muscles, ha ha, he never has time work out or play sports. So, he decided he wants to buy a bowflex, which is fine with me, because its our 5th year anniversary, and it seems like a pretty good present for that. I have way better chances of getting that sparkly ring I want if he gets his bowflex, ha ha. 
In other news, I'm learning more patience, finally. I feel way more relaxed and at peace, and a lot less worried. The last week or so I've really been working on it....there's really only one thing patience-wise that I'd been having a hard time not worrying about....but its getting way better now. 
Tonight we are having a Christmas party, gift exchange and stuff...which I'm excited about. Its kind of a farewell party for our one exchange student, Minji, too....because she's going back to south korea. Its been really nice having her here, and we'll be sad to see her go. 
Well....if anyone is free tonight, come on over to our Christmas party, it'll be awesome!!


  1. Have fun tonight! I'm sitting at work right wishing I was somewhere exciting...like your party!

  2. awww...I wish you could have come too! It was SO fun...if your free sometime this week, we should get together, ashur has been asking to hang out with you guys!!