Friday, December 3, 2010

hold the phone!

I don't think I'm ready to stop nursing! Okay, I know most of you probably think I'm one crazed mama...but I LOVE it! I always thought I would try and nurse the kids until they were around 1 1/2 or 2...I didn't have a set date in mind. I just figured that one day I would think thet were too old. One day it was supposed to get weird nursing a walking, talking child. 
BUT it didn't, lol. Maybe it is because he is just SO stinkin cute...because seriously he is, let me tell you. Or maybe its because he loves it SO much? Or it might be because he is so little for his age...he really is, like 5th percentile, you would never guess he's almost 2, besides that he is a great talker. I am...21 months after my precious little boy was born, and  8 non-nursing days later...and I'm dying! LOL. He is just so cute, and he misses it so much, and asks all the time...the little stinker, lol. I figured that a few days later, he'd just forget about it, but no. 
One major upside though, is that he is sleeping WAY better! Which I love....just last night he only woke up 3 (maybe 4?) times....which is a major improvement, even though that sounds crazy (just imagine how bad it was before, ha!). 
The worst part isn't that he is so cute, and I hate saying no to him....or that he just won't forget about it...or that I miss nursing...its that I am SO SORE! 
6 days after I stopped, I started getting lumps (I know, gross...) and I have had the hardest time getting rid of fact they just keep getting bigger
So tonight, he was asking, and I thought, "Hey, what the heck...I'm sore, maybe it'll help!". At first he was super excited to be nursing again, for about a millisecond, until he just started laughing and saying "nanny, nanny" (thats what he called it). Then immediately stopped and said "all done, soo soo now"*which is silly because he doesn't even take a soother!)....bbaaaahhhh! Now I'm even more sore, maybe...well, atleast, just as sore...and it stinks
But, I am ever so grateful that I have had this time with him. No matter how tought this is, or it yet was SO worth it. I have always been a huge advocate of nursing, and I am even more so now. I loved nursing him, but loved more that he loved it so much. I am SO thankful that he actually nursed well, because it didn't go so well with A...and it can be so stressful to have a bad nurser. 
So, for this last 21 months...I am SO happy that I could have nursed him so well...and made it through all the long hard nights...but nursing, I bid thee adieu
I'm really done. He's done. And I can't wait until the night when he sleeps allllll.....night long...oh how glorious it will be...the end is in sight. 
Thanks for listening!


  1. It hurts WAY less when you do it gradually. Now I'm to the point where I just nurse once in the morning and sometimes skip a day.

    I'm so glad he's sleeping better!

  2. Good job on being a nursing mommy Crystal! I don't know if anyone has ever acted weird to you about nursing for 'so long' but way to go for just doing it as long as it felt right. What works for each of us is different and it sounds like this really helped you two get through all the tough stuff. I'm glad for you that you had this time to cherish together.
    I'm looking forward to hearing about your first full night of sleep!

  3. I tried the gradual approach...but I was too lazy at night, because its the only thing that would get him to stop crying, lol..and I just LOVE sleep. ha ha.
    I think that a lot of people probably thought it was weird, lol..but no one said anything, which I appreciated, because I loved doing it, and I think its great to nurse as long as you can, because I didn't have that oppurtunity with A. But ya, hopefully the nights just keep getting better and better!