Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas and such

So...we are ALMOST done all of our christmas shopping...except that we keep buying more, un-needed things...ha ha.I really need to stay away from the malls. This year is the first year that we have actually had money to spend on christmas, we always get good stuff anyways...because we are pretty good at saving throughout the year, no matter how much we're making. 
BUT this year...we actually have a job...ha ha...well Daddy has a job, and I have my exchange students. The funny thing is, this year I feel like spending less, just because daddy has turned me into such a saving machine, lol. 
He is pretty much the best with money of anyone I've EVER met...ha ha. It used to bug me, but I'm getting SO much better at budgeting, and saving and what not...he has taught me a LOT. I really appreciate him for it. 
So...back to presents. We are THE worst "Santa's" EVER!! ha ha...daddy tried wrapping all of the presents in the same paper, but I said that was out of the question. We at least have to use the back side of the double-sided paper we got, ha ha. AND...we left a few presents udner the tree from "santa" accidentally...and I had to sneak them back into my room while A was perusing the gifts...oh my...I don't think this whole santa get-up will last too long in our family. 
Oh well...Christmas is great without santa anyways. I've been trying to find ways to make the season more about "Christ" for the kids...and I try talking about it a lot, so they grow up knowing why we really celebrate the season. 
One of the things we started doing, is having our weekly family home evening (which is basically a family night once a week where we have a lesson, sing songs, eat treats and play games together) lesson on the birth of Christ. So, every week, we read a the story, but from different points of last week was the story of samuel the lamanite (in the Book of Mormon) and how he taught of Christ's birth. Every week we read a new story, and then talk about what we can do that week for service, to show Christ that we love him this christmas season. A's idea was to shovel someone's walk...which we haven't done yet, oops! Its the end of the week! Maybe I should stop blogging, and start shoveling, lol. 
I did want to share the links to these SWEET books I made for part of the boys christmas presents. I made them on picaboo, like I mentioned in my last post...anyways...I LOVE the way they turned take a look at them if you want! I just hope they make it in time for Christmas!!
 Reuben's book
Ashur's book

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