Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hawaii saga continued...

Hey guys! We're still here, and still pretty much Internet-less...apparently our area can't get service from most Internet providers, so that's a bummer.
We spent the day yesterday in the city of Honolulu. We had to drop off our rental car, so we figured we'd make a day of it and lend the day at the Ala Moana mall. we did forget the we'd be stick with a huge clunky cars eat whilst walking around the mall all day, we may have got a few strange looks, ha ha.
The mall was huge, and has regular Christmas concerts, so we got to see a sweet little elementary school group sing and hula dance.
We ate lunch in the biggest food court I've ever seen, it was really crazy. We literally ran to catch the bus, luckily it was a few minutes late, so it was fine.
We ended up on the wrong bus, thanks to the bus info line, so it ook us 2 hours and 45 minutes to get home, instead of an hour...lame.
One cool thing about bus-ing it, besides that my boys love every minute of it, is the interesting people you meet. We had a great conversation with a family from Australia, which made the bus ride a lot more enjoyable.
We spent the morning swimming and walking alng he beach. It was really cold and windy today, Way too cold or me or Roo to swim, so we just chilled on the sand...A seems to have no cold bones in his body...he would swim outside evn if it was like zero degrees out...he's crazy.
We made it to the Laie temple tonight, and it was SO beautiful! I'm really grateful for our wonderful friend Paige who watched he boys on campus while we were gone.
We had a great day today. We've been applying to a few jobs here and there, and we're really looking forward to going to the farmers market a BYU tomorrow!

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