Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hawaii saga vacation's complete without a little horror

I love my boys! So much....
I was reminded just how much I love my little A the other night. Usually he is great with street-safety, and reminding us to hold hands as we cross roads or parking lots. For some reason last night, that llama went out the window.
We live directly on a very busy highway, the only be that runs all he way a long the north shore, so needless to say, it s endlessly busy. A minute never goes by, day or night, where there are not a ton of vehicles speeding by.
Whenever we get dropped off at the bus stop, on the opposite sued of the highway to our complex, we always wait until the bs has driven away, and then cross. It usually takes several cars crossing, before one stops for us, even though there is a crosswalk, because it's just o busy and dark.
I was attempting to carry a water jug, 3 pizza boxes and our stroller, as my hubby and little roo were behind me. A was the first be of the bus....
For some reason, against everything he's taught us, or seen us do, he ran in front if he bus...and across the busy highway, without even bothering to glance up.
Of course, I screamed, the bus driver yelled...but it was all in vain, as he we safely on the other side already..but my heart basically stopped.
As we walked inside, I had such a mixture of emotions...extremely happy for his safety, angry at his disobedience and neglect, but mostly so distraught at the real thought of losing him.
I bawled my face off in the "bedroom"( more like just bed in the corner).
I had at talked to A right away, but I ont think he really realized how muh danger he had put himself in, or what he had even done wrong.
Daddy asked him, "did you know that mommys really upset? Do you know why?" this point he was already over it, and distracted by the imminent pizza.
The sweetest thing was that little roo piped up and answered, "mommys sad because A crossed the lad by himself, and that's dangerous. So mommys sad."
At least one of them learned fom it:)
In much happier news....
We were able attend a traditional Hawaiian wedding reception last night! It was extravagant...with SO much food. The buns were purple, apparently from taro root.
There were live hula dancers, and the whole thing was a really neat experience.
Unfortunately, Daddy and I both quickly realized hat neither of us like Hawaiian food at all, not even the desserts, ha ha....thus the pizza afterwards.
In even better news....we were about to go get a rental car for the weekend, when. Friend in here called us and offered us his vehicle for the holidays!
We were so surprised! And so very grateful...especially after all of our bus-cepades.
We spent to Walmart and bought A some snorkel gear, nd then spent the day snorkeling at Hanauma bay. It was amazing!
We saw huge fish, small fish, neon fish, sea urchen and sone really crazy looking fish! Daddy saw a couple if sea turtles gnawing on coral, and a huge big fish up close. My be sighting was an gross! That ended my snorkeling fun, a little too much excitement for me;)
We ended the day with some awesome food at the Outback Steakhouse, and then a quick shopping trip to Costco.
We have a lot planned for tomorrow too...and hopefully we can get our laptop some wifi oon so I can upload the great pictures from this weekend:)

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