Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hawaii #9... Christmas trees and skating rinks...

I SO wish it was easier for us to put up pictures..because our Christmas tree is awesome-tastic! It may or may not be green garland looped around a lampshade...but it lights up! We Ben added ornaments...it's pretty fantastic.
We let A pick out the wrapping paper, so all our presents are wrapped in Iron Man 2 paper...it's pretty much awesome.
We're trying to plan a trip to Maui, so we may end up at an airport on Christmas day. We will probably open our present on Friday or Saturday instead. We also got a groupon thing to go skating on an outdoor synthetic rink....super cool! :)
Luckily, the hubby has some work this week, which is awesome!
It's just temporary, but it gives him something to do...he gets super bored(and cranky) just hanging out all day...he needs to work.
In other news, I'm super excited that he's going to try to get into school in the fall, fingers crossed. He still has to write the GMAT, so we'll see how that goes.
Hope everyone is having a great pre-Christmas week!


  1. So fun to read your experiences! We went to Hawaii three years ago with Show Choir and stayed near the PLC in an inn that got torn down. I've wanted to go back ever since. Enjoy paradise!

  2. Thanks! We are loving it so far:)