Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hawaii saga #5

Well...we're alive, but still with relatively junky wi-fi, so I'm typing this up on my iPad.
We're finally settled in this place on the beach, with ll of our stuff unpacked, and the fridge full of food.
Im so glad we won't be moving again, not for at least a month, that is...which is awesome. Now we can relax ad just enjoy the beach. We haven't done nearly enough swimming yet.
But, we gave done some awesome things!
We spent Sunday st church, then napping, then scrummaging the up cupboards for food...we ate nerds, oatmeal and goldfish or funny dinner it was awesome! Ha ha. We went to the Laie temple and visitors center again, and took a lot of pictures, which I was able to upload to FB before the wi-fi went away again.
Yesterday we got up really early to go find breakfast, at Mcdonalds, oh so healthy, I know.
We found a place called "Valley of the Temples" that was a cemetery type thingy, with a bunch of cool mausoleums, and statues and lots of cool headstones and beautiful vegetation. One interesting thing is that in the catholic section of the cemetery, there were bottles of water, pop, smoothies and food at almost all the graves. If anyone knows th belief behind this, I'd love to know.
There was also a really cool Buddhist temple, that we got to walk through. The grounds were amazing, with huge bamboo forests, tons of koi ponds, water fountains etc....it reminded me of Japanese gardens...so serene and peaceful. The boys loved ringing the huge gong, no surprise there. We were so glad we found this cool little place!
We walked around a neat blow-hole/humpback whale site, and the legendary Hanauma bay, which is famous for its amazing snorkeling.
We ended up being able to make it on our under water scooter ride and turtle watching tour that afternoon, and brought the bod with us. A was brave enough I put on goggles nd jump in the ocean! There was really beautiful fish, and awesome turtles, but we left our camera in the car, which I was super bummed about.
After a full day of touring, we went shopping at Safeway and Costco. We had a in dinner at Costco. By the time we go settled back in our apartment, it was lose to 9 pm, and the kids and both of us, we're exhausted.
I'm hoping I get some wi-fi again soon, so I can add the pictures of the Buddhist temple.
We're off to swim in the ocean! :)

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  1. sounds like fun!! Especially finding grocery stores to finally get some real food!! Glad you are finally a bit settled! love ya lots!