Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hawaii saga #7....some good stuff

I really should be blogging daily, to use this as a personal journal of our little journey, so this post will kind of be a lump of a whole bunch of thoughts.
I'm so glad that we've been able to stay on the north shore, it has really given us a taste of true Polynesian culture. The people here are so laid back, relaxed and really kind. For example, as we're waiting for the bus, someone offered us a ride, and drive us 15 minutes to the grocery store. Just a few days after that, we were walking a long the busy highway to church, and a family stopped to pick us up. As they pulled over, and we got in, 2 other cars pulled over as well, both had turned around to pick us up.
Just yesterday we were at a huge busy mall in which there was a big train the you could drive on to take a tour if the mall. We hopped on, then realized we didn't have enough cash, so we thought we'd hop off and catch one later. The lady told s to stay on, and that we could just come back and pay here later. I thought it was crazy, I mean, we could have so easily never one back?! It just goes to show the nature of things down here, its really nice.
We've met some great people riding the bus too. A kind family from Australia who basically offered to sponsor our visas if we ever moved there; an old lady who sung songs to a grumpy roo; a lady last night who gave almost an entire pack of gum to my boys who kept spitting it out or swallowing them, and then asking for's been so great.
Several awesome things have happened to s in meeting nice people. We met a guy from Alaska, who a be helpful in finding us work further down the road. Also, we met a family from North Dakota yesterday, who amazingly, offered us all of there food, as they we're heading back home.
We thought thy just meant a few things, but we ended up using an entire grocery cart, stuffed to the brim, with was crazy! Just as we were running out of food too....and had to wait a few more days until we got a rental car for the weekend, so it really was perfect timing.
We've just been so blessed down here, in so many ways. One of the ladies in our ward is working on getting us free tickets to "Christmas in Polynesia" at the PCC. Everywhere we go, we meet amazing people.
Yesterday we went to the Windward Mall, which was only about 1/2hr bus ride. That mall was by far the best mall I have ever been too, for sure. We hadn't looked into it before, but there was an indoor farmers maket going on, on the 1st and 2nd floor, and it was huge! Tons if vendors, all lined up in the hallways. There were fresh fruits and veggies, macadamia/peanut butter, lilikoi jelly, sweet bread., any great things!
There was a school choir singing in the center if the mall, for an hour or so....which seems to be a common occurrence in malls down here. They sang some really nice modern songs, and some Christmas songs too.
There was a huge, 2-story Christmas tree that was shooting out fake-snow, the kids loved hat. The snow was just little spurts of bubbles. Then we went on a cute little choo-choo train tour around the 1st floor of the mall. We also sat on Santas lap, and got reindeer antlers and coloring books from him. We hung out at all the kids stores, playing with toys, looking at animals in the pet stores and buying the kids some nice hats and flip-flops.
We got invited to the wedding reception of a really nice ladies son here, and are going to enjoy one authentic Hawaiian food dor dinner!
We've really been loving it here, but it's also given us a greater appreciation for everything we have back home....a comfy bed (ours is like sleeping on the floor), our own room in a big nice house ( the studio apt. is pretty tiny), and all our great friends and family!
We really haven't gotten to know anyone down here, so I really do miss and appreciate everyone back home, although the view of the mountains and beach everyday almost make up for it! He he...almost:)

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