Friday, December 2, 2011

hawaii saga #3...

This won't be a very well-edited post, and n pictures today either, because we are stuck without wifi!!
We had picked a condo (for the next 2 weeks) and had made certain there was to be wifi. We need it for job applications and emails about jobs and what not...but apparently we were mis-informed.
So, unfortunately we have to walk a block or so and sit outside at the only wifi hot-spot here....not fun.
Good news is that they are going to let us out of here with a full refund (minus the 2 nights we've slept here)....and even BETTER news is we found a condo that will let us stay for a whole month!!!!
It's not nearly as nice as this place, and only a studio...a little run-down and what not, but it's cheaper for one month than this place was for 2 score for us!!
That'll give us a full month to figure out our life, and jobs, and whether or not we're going to stay we're pretty excited.
Also, it's at the same apartment complex that our first place was, which means it's just steps to the ocean...which makes up for the junk-iness of the apartment.
When we get better internet, I'll post some more pictures!!
peace out:)

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