Sunday, December 4, 2011

hawaii saga soon I promise

There is SO much to talk about...but it seems as if I never have any time....or we speak, I am tapped in on someones unsecured I have wi-fi for at least a few minutes! ha ha
We switched condos....back to the same area we were at for the first few days, just steps from the's a bit small, a studio...but a good size for us, and a GREAT location....we are on a month-to-month lease, if we decide to stay,  but so far have it paid up until January 3rd....hoo-rah! Even if we don't stay any  longer...that's a lot of hawaii!
We were able to go to the PCC, which was awesome....and the visitors center at the Laie Temple....which was also cool. They had it all decorated up for Christmas, with TONS of trees, all really beautiful. The PCC was amazing...we even snagged a stroller from someone in town, so we could tow the kidlets around. Unfortunately  because of our major hotel fiasco, we missed the luau, which I REALLY wanted to hopefully we get the chance to go again.
We went to an Polynesian Christmas parade in Kailua....and it was awesome! Marching bands mixed with hula dancing....and super hot out too! The perfect combo. The parades here are WAY different than back home....they are mostly made up of schools, like even elementary schools....and obviously the hula-dancers were different too...and there was a lot of them. And pretty much NO horses...only one small one on a private float for a church. They also have a ton of beauty-pageant winners, just waving and looking pretty....really young ones too....probably from age 5-25ish.
After the parade and some lunch, we headed over to the Aloha Stadium for a football game between University of Hawaii and BYU....which was SO good!! Really long, but fun. The kids got too hot, too wet, then too cold, then it was too loud, or too ya, they aren't major football fans yet.
A kept saying things like: "It wouldn't be boring if I was playing, I would just keep getting touchdowns...hundreds of them; It would only take me one minute to run across that whole field, well, maybe 2 minutes; I would win every game if I played. If I was playing the score would be 159-0". ha ha...yup.
I have so much more to say,  but I am super wiped from such a long day...I really need to add pictures too, oh, and un-pack ALL of our stuff....AGAIN!! ha ha....but it's worth it...cuz we're in hawaii baby!!

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