Friday, December 9, 2011

Hawaii saga #6: tourists and buscepades

For some reason, every time we travel, we always get stopped by tourists who want to admire our boys. Usually these tourists are some other race, I would say mostly Asian, but not always.
So far in the last week we had one man stop us at the mall to admire little Roo, and tell us all about his Hebrew name meaning; then a group of Japanese girls stop A and I, and a tally asked to take our picture, and then all 6 or so of them had us pose with them, well someone took our picture, on 6 different cameras....ha ha...random?!
Anyways...tourists are funny...I guess we're tourists too, and the locals probably think we're funny too.
We missed the bs yet again today...and we're sitting at the bus stop or Zbout 29 minutes until thus really nice man from our apartment complex, who has seen us a few times, offered to drive us. He wasn't even headed anywhere, yet he drive us 15 minutes to the grocery store! There are wonderful people in this world.
On our bus rude home, the bus was JAM people in every seat, and the isles full of people hanging onto the was chaos. I was holding Roo, 2 big jugs of water and a folded stroller....desperately trying to get Roo not to scream and squirm so much...he was overtired and over hungry. This little old lady sitting close to us started singing to him and telling him stories and nursery rhymes. It was really sweet, and calmed him down pretty well too.
Riding the bus is actually quite interesting....the boys live it, and we get to meet neat people. I'm sure we'll have a lot more fun bus stories next week!


  1. I'm sorry. Has Gary called you yet? I'll up the nagging. He said he can only rent for two weeks at a time.

  2. No worries! Its been kinda fun!