Thursday, October 13, 2011

Some gospel thoughts...

I have been blessed to be able to listen to this song a lot lately, as I am learning it for a stake musical number. It's beautiful...and inspiring...and full of the spirit. I love it. I love the temple, and the inspiration that we can receive there. 

Lately I have been experimenting, and working on listening to promptings of the spirit, to try and hone my ability to detect when something is a prompting from the Lord, versus my own thoughts. 
It has been a great listen to those small and quiet little promptings, follow them, and then feel the peaceful and encourage feelings that come when you realize that you have followed them correctly. I am still learning, still growing..and have a lot to learn and grow at...but it's coming. 

I love our church, I love the way that it centers on families, and on Christ. Family is THE most important thing in life...and will bring us the most joy. there is nothing more important than raising children, and I strive daily to spend more quality time with my kids...and to show them this principle. 

I love listening to A answer questions about the gospel...he is so intelligent, and has a strong testimony already. Little roo is just so sensitive, emotional and loving. His love is just so sweet and reminds me of what the saviors love for us feels like. They are 2 amazing children...and I love that I have been able to have this little break between having kids, and going to school, and have been able to have my hubby home a lot too. We have been able to spend a lot of quality time together, and really strengthen our family relationship...and for that I am ever grateful 

I have no idea where we are going to go from here...but I am just so grateful for the time now, and what a fantastic little family I have to live with and bring me joy daily. 

(side note great vid HERE about technology and youth, but I think it counts for us too, any one in this "techno age"'s a great one :)

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