Monday, October 3, 2011

If it aint broke...

The hubby and I started a marriage class last's called something like "strengthening marriages", and it's at the church every sunday. 
Before it started, we had heard about it and were trying to convince several of our couple-friends to come to it with us. I'm pretty sure I had the wives on board, but their husbands were a little wary to join a marriage class. Their reasoning behind this was kind of like "if it aint broke don't fix it"...they felt like if you go to marriage classes/counselling etc...that issues come up that you feel weren't issues..and then it just makes more issues, and more tension that wasn't there in the first place.
Although this may be true in the men's opinion, the wives thought the issues were there first, the husband just didn't realize it. i thought this was fairly amusing, and we all laughed about how true it was, and how boys are silly.
Well, apparently I shouldn't have been laughing with them, because later on at marriage class...this is what happened:
The couple in charge asks us to write down a question/problem that we have that we would like them, through the course of the class, to answer. 
I'm sitting there, twiddling my thumbs trying to think of what I could put down...I got nothing. The lady comes around to give me some helpful hints and ideas, and my friend M, who I did convince to come with me says: "oh, her marriage is perfect, that's why she cant write anything down...they just came for moral support for me and my husband!" ha ha....well...we look over at MY hubby....he has 5 questions written down!! 5!!
Um, 5, hunny? really? He tells me he was just trying to be participatory....that seems overly participatory to me, ha ha. 
Well...moral of the story is that I was like the husbands who didn't want to come....although I was super into coming, I didn't really think there was anything we needed to work on....lo and behold, there is. 
Even funnier, later of the things my hubby had written down was "how do you talk to your wife about something without getting her upset?". As we talked about this later, and I told him how ridiculous it was that he thought that (I know, great communication skills I have) and how he could always talk to me about anything...I realized that I was getting upset talking to him about how I wouldn't get upset if he really wanted to talk about anything....ha ha....oh, I'm bad, LOL. 
A few of the other "funny" questions he wrote down (which he claims were more for the benefit of the entire class, and not specific to us) were:
-how do you get your wife to clean when she doesn't want to, and you want her too? (ha ha, like this EVER happens at our house....ha ha)
-how do you get your wife to go to bed when you're tired and she wants to stay up and watch tv? (this may or may not happen every night of our marriage, LOL)...

Well, we are enjoying the class, and we have learned some great communication-type skills that we are putting into practice this maybe I'll try and go to be earlier, or clean up a teensie bit more...we'll see...ha ha.


  1. ha ha, I think so too! It is a good class tho:)

  2. Bahahah, we took this class once but the teachers weren't very good. So did he get any answers to his questions?!?

  3. ha ha...not so far...well, besides by me! LOL...but ya, it's actually been really good so far, we like it!