Saturday, October 15, 2011

the cutest boys ever... :)

Some funny things the boys have said this week:
-I was in the car with the boys the other day, and one of their friends, Mac. We were talking about all of the different restaurants that we were passing, as they were trying to guess where we were headed for lunch. As we passed one, that I mentioned that daddy and I frequent while on date-night, A was sad that he didn't get to go to that one. After a few moments of thought, this s the conversation that I heard between him and his friend:
A: "the first thing that I'm going to do when I grow up is go on a DATE!"
mac: "with a girl right?"
A: "YA! With a girl..."
A: "Did ya know, I already have an adult camera? it's an adult one!"
Mac: "That's cool, I do too!"

-Little roo put on some cool sunglasses this evening and came up to the rest of us and said: "I'm a decepticon! I'm a decepticon!"'s amazing the things he catches on to by having an older brother.

-We were putting the boys to bed tonight, and roo wanted to climb up on A's bunk, so we figured we'd let him for a minute or two. He crawled right under the blankies and A and roo started giving each other cuddles....cutest thing ever. Then roo turns to us and says "Good night mommy. Daddy can yo go? Good bye!! Can you guys just go?" ha we did, only to go back in less than a minute later to them annoying each other. Roo was actually annoying A, who just really wanted to I was chastising roo, he said, "can I go in my own bed?". I put him down, he snuggled his blankies and smiled..."I love my bed, it's so comfy. Wanna sleep with me?" ha ha....I guess A's bed just wasn't comfy enough for him. 

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