Monday, October 3, 2011

My cake-pan organizer and finished front hall!

A loves taking the first few of these are ones he took. I think I'm still gluing together the pieces here

In case your interested in how I did this. I bought 2 candlesticks at 50 cents a piece...I put them in a box and rolled them around while spray painting them white, so I could get even coverage. I picked out 3 cake pans I found at a thrift store. One was $1.00 and the other two were 5o cents.

I used that weird glue on nails stuff, shown in the second picture. I think my father-in-law picked it up at home depot. I then attached the dried candle-holders to the bake pans, making sure I found the very center first.

A also likes getting his picture taken...

here is the finished product! Not fully dry though....I'm letting mine dry for  several days because of the amount of glue I used.

I love how it turned out so far. I let a bit of the gold show through, I thought it was nice and gave it a more shiny feel. I'll post pictures once I actually have it all cute and organized. It's STILL drying...I used a LOT of that glue.

Here is our front hall...just showing off the sweet door  and new paint

I put 2 of the leather ottomans back in it, but only temporarily until I find a cute white bench that will fit there.

This is my favorite section....I tried minimizing the amount of coats and shoes/boots in the front hall....I put more in our rooms, in the closet and in the ottomans.

This frame used to be in the front hall, but it was black. I just recently spray-painted it white, which I like here WAY better. I made little Roo paint that picture for me...didn't he do a GREAT job? He's so talented, and only 2 1/2! lol. I bought the side dishes 2 for 50 cents...they work great for key-holders....and the shelf I bought for $10 at winners....perfect together I think!!

I had the water picture in our room, but I like it better here...I just think it might need to be  shifted I tiny bit higher? what do you think??

The finished product....for now

I'm planning on putting up one more thing...if I can find it ma y be a while.

Just thought I'd take another pic of the front hubby did SUCH a great job on's my favorite part of the front much nicer than before!


  1. very cute Crystal! we might have an old white "toy bench" (w/ lid) still, do you want me to look for it? I'm sure if we have it, it's in ba-a-ad shape, would need painting at least and prob. reinforcing w/ some nails/screws:-)<3 Aunt J

  2. adn yes the door is SUPER NICE!!!! congrats!

  3. Thanks aunt J! I would love an old toy bench...if you can find it and it fits in my moms van, she is coming down this next wknd on friday I think. I'm totally fine with re-painting and stuff:)

  4. looks great!! I think the picture is great just where it is!

  5. I like the streamlined clean, white look. You did a great job!

  6. i've seen a ton of those cake pan things on pinterest they are all spray painted the same color though, so a wee bit different than yours, but isn't spray paint awesome?? i looove it. as i'm sure you've noticed. you can pretty much re-do anything with it haha. but it looks good! i can't wait to have a house to re-do!

  7. Ya, I've seen a ton on pinterest too, that's what gave me the idea...I love it! I can't wait to get cute containers with bright colors and stuff, to go in it.