Sunday, October 23, 2011

Post-church after-thoughts

Today was a great day. I always love Sunday's...but today we got to practice the primary presentation with all of the kids (ages 3-11), and they just sung SO well! 
Each sunday, week after week, month after month I teach these little kids how to sing, and hope that they are actually getting it, and somehow remembering the words, the tune etc. All so that in the end, for one sunday (the primary presentation) they can sing their little heart outs. 
Well, that's next sunday. As I sat and listened to them today, I realized how well they had learned these songs...and I was amazed! Most of the time they are chatting, or falling off of their chairs, making jokes, looking around the room....everything, but paying attention to learning the least that's what it feels like some weeks. 
But alas, somehow I was actually able to teach them something...which is pretty amazing to me. I'm sure I'll be nervous the whole hour-long presentation next sunday....but I know they'll do great, and everyone will love it. This is what my calling is all about...the one day a year I get to show off the sweet little kids and all that they've learnt through the year with me. 
On a side note, I really dislike having to stand up in front of everyone....I always feel like people are watching me, even though I'm certain they are watching all of the cute little kids....but it sure doesn't feel that way during the middle of the song when my butt is is right front and center for 200 plus people to view, lol...good times. 
On another note, although FB friends may already know this....we did NOT get the duplex that we have been trying to by since....august, maybe? I think that;'s when we first saw oh man has this been a long time coming. 
Although it is somewhat disappointing to think all of those what if's? Because let me tell you, it would have been a FANTASTIC deal for the same time, I feel so calm about it. 
Over the last few weeks, as I have knelt in prayer and asked the Lord what we should be doing with our lives, specific things...this was one of them. I always prayed that if we weren't supposed to do this, that it wouldn't turn out. As time progressed I felt more and more like it wasn't going to work out...and so when the call came, it was relieving to know that the answer that I had been feeling was indeed the right answer. So, I am grateful...and on life goes...
Who knows what we'll be doing next...but I do know that the more that I seek and pray to see the Heavenly Father's hand in our lives, the easier it becomes to see it. So I know that no matter what happens, as long as keep praying and stay on the right track, that the Lord will open up those doors that need to be opened, and we will find out what and where we need to be. 
I'm EVER so grateful for the blessed to have such a great family....such wonderful boys, and especially for my amazing husband, because he truly is amazing. 
What a great day.

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