Saturday, February 11, 2012

showers and laughs...

I know this MAY sound a little
                                               ....strange,  but

I <3 the shower....I know many of you may too...but NOT for the same reason....

ALL of my GREAT ideas, plans...any awesome thoughts really, come to me in the ............SHOWER. 

It's my place is where I PONDER...

I have been known to have a few epiphanies over the years...and yup, you guessed it, they ALL occurred to me whilst in the shower. 
Each and every one.
                                       I'm not sure if it's the
              Or just the general PEACE and QUIET of being in the shower...
                                      BUT....whatever the is what it is. 

I plan all sorts of things....
....our trip to Hawaii
...our road-trip across the south-eastern part of the US
...adoption, and all that it entails
...any and every job or school decision

Sometimes it's just the idea that pops up...and then I figure it out later....but sometimes I make a pro/con list before...and then just hop in the shower to ponder on my answer. 

Anyways...I just thought that was a funny little quirk I'd share(I have several more....ha ha). 

On another note....
Last week I was reminded that LAUGHTER is SO good for the    ....    soul. 

I had some serious laughs last week...and one great night out with fabulous friends that was SO healing....I LOVE nights like that.

One funny thing that popped up that night was a conversation on mommy-hood...
and how everyone was saying how hard it is, how they really wish they were better moms, that everyone around them seems like SUCH a good mom  etc know the drill....I piped and said: 
"I'm an AWESOME mom, it's my kids that are bad"...

       that got some giggles...and possibly a slogan on a few walls or shirts...tee hee...

On the subject of laughter....this may get a few more giggles out of's a little situation that happened last week....:) :

ashur: "MOM! Reuben is putting money in his pants...he's putting money in his pants...come look!"me: "reuben, what are you doing?"roo: "I'm trying to put money in my pocket, but it keeps falling down my leg on to the ground"me: "show me how you put it in your pocket"roo: unzips the fly of his pants and starts shoving money in it, "see! it keeps falling down on to the ground!"
                                                                       BLOG OUT 


  1. This shower pondering time probably started as a result of coming from a big family, it was probably the only place you had quiet!! As a teen you would take showers until the hot water ran out and sometimes even longer!! you could even fall asleep in the shower- standing up- pretty talented!!!

    1. very true!! I remember those days...and yes, that is probably what started it! ha ha

  2. that was one of the best lines of the night!