Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The big ol' day of LOVE!!!

I am a HUGE fan of the big LOVE day....and I totally disagree with the whole "single awareness" of it...I think that no matter who YOU are, someone out there loves you....if you don't believe me...I LOVE YOU!!

I think that V-day for me is more of just sharing love, charity, and celebrating the love....and I love it. 
This is how our day has been so far...
....I slept in (yay for me! I would say BEST gift ever, but I've had some pretty good gifts)
...ROO is officially POTTY trained (YAY for me!! I can pretty much say THE best gift ever thus far, he loves me:)
...We all went with my hubby to his hair cut(for his 2 awesome interviews this week!), which is a double yay for me, because I get to look at his stud-liness ALL day, and I got to visit with his awesome hair-dresser, whom is a friend of mine:)
...we headed out on the TOWN and went to a flower shop, where the boys each picked out a little bunch of flowers for me, very ccuuuttteee
...then we headed to zellers, where we each picked out a box of chocolates/candy (yum!!)
...then off to the dollar store for a cute heart-shaped balloon for me, and the boys each got a fun toy(including my hubby who picked out a airplane launcher thingy)
...next, we went to Pizza Hut's all-you-can-eat lunch buffet....double yum!!

Now we are home, having a quiet rest-filled afternoon, and then off on a date tonight...greatest day EVER!! :)
                       <3 I am LOVING the LOVE <3


  1. Crystal, I love reading your blog. It's nice to "hear" your voice from miles and miles away...I loved your last post about showering as well, although I didn't comment on it. glad to hear you had a wonderful love-ly day. keep it up :)

    1. ha ha...thanks! I did have a love-y day...I hope you did too:)