Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Jobs, jobs, jobs...

It's interesting that last year, or the year before at this time we would have been dying for interviews....looking all around...and finding nothing...maybe it was the economy? who knows...
Whatever it was, we were NOT finding anything...and my hubby was getting more-than-a-little frustrated and pretty much just majorly bummed out
I think he was starting to feel like it may never happen...and he'd just have to settle for something less...it was hard to see him all bummed, and grumpy about so many work-less days. 
I think it was going to HAWAII that changed it all...it was like the miracle vacation! ha ha...
Ever since we've been back and applying for jobs(BOTH of us too)...we have been really blessed with getting interviews. 
My hubby has had 3 (maybe 4?)...has 2 more this week, and just got a call this morning for another one, in Calgary....we're pretty excited. 
They've been going well too, one job he didn't get (but it wasn't really in his area at all either, so we were relieved), another one he turned down (it was good-paying with great benefits, but not what he wants to be doing), the last one he didn't get because they felt like he was too over-qualified...so that's a good thing, I guess. 
The next few are REALLY up his alley, and totally what he wants to be getting into...especially one...we're rooting for that one (and it would keep us here for a while too!)
I've already had 3 too, and decided to cancel my 4th today, because his seem so promising. 
I was really only applying so that one of us could work...but it's looking like he will be able to soon, so I decided to call off my job-hunt, at least for now. I'm leaning more towards starting a casual babysitting/day-home type thing...I'm just working out the details now.
Anyways, LIFE is GOOD!! I can't wait until my hubby is employed...he will be SO happy, and he really deserves it...he's such a smarty-pants....wherever he ends up getting hired, they will be REALLY lucky to have him...I know I am;)      
funny for the day:
Ashur was asking about what paigey's dad does for work, so we explained it all....
ashur: "Why can't MY dad be a funeral director too?!"
us: um, why?
ashur: "because THEN we could go to funerals ALL the time!"


  1. Yay! Congrats and good luck!
    Let me know how things go!

    1. Thanks! I totally will let ya know:)