Monday, April 8, 2013

Baby progress (with pictures)

I still have quite a few things to ya, know...clean, vacuum...actually make the room look nice? ha ha...
I just thought I'd post a few pictures of what I'm working on. 
I want to print this off and display it:

I also rreally love this one...just not sure if the shades of yellow will match enough, but we'll see:

If that one doesn\t work...I may make something like this instead...on canvas with paint and vinyl:

I'd like to make something like this cloud mobile...just not sure if it would go or not:

Here are some pictures of what it currently looks like (excuse the mess...and its not really set up, just placed kind of wherever, ha ha)....this is the elephant and lamp that will probably end up staying on the dresser...and the grey blanky in the backgound (although it's a little darker than I had I'm still looking for another throw and a pillow for the glider):

You can see the dresser really well in this one, we re-did one we bought off of kijiji, and iI just love how it turned out:) The grey carpet is super shaggy and comfy from Costco:

This shows off the wall color well, its called "bunny gray", but looks kinda blue-ish too...with a chair rail halfway and then white on the bottom. We wanted it to look like board and batten kind of. The curtain is white and gray from ikea:

This is an ikea's the exact one I of kijij:) There are 2 little shelves, one on either side...and the crib bedding will be navy. Navy, gray and white are the main colors...with little pops of yellow hopefully:

Here's another shot of the crib, I love how small and simplistic it is. The shelves will all have baskets hopefully, if I can find enough small ones:

A better shot of the has some small flowery pattern on the bottom, but it's not too noticeable, so I hope its not that girly:

And the crib again:

The closet was too messy to take a picture of yet, but it has another dresser, just small and white, for bigger clothes in it. 
Hopefully I get the chance to clean it up and hang a few pictures before the baby comes:)


  1. Oh it's going to be so cute! It already looks so good. I LOVE the grey. Can't wait to see pictures of your new baby! Soon right?

    1. I love the grey too...I have about 7 weeks left!! So pretty soon:)

  2. Oh i'm in love with the little cloud mobile!!!! I've wanted to make my own mobile, but haven't gotten around to it. And that is the same crib I was wanting! But we found this similar ikea one on kijiji and got it instead. It turns into a really cute bed. It's always been white, but I painted his dresser green. That's probably what you were remembering?

    1. Ya, you're right...I was getting it mixed up with the dresser. JD thinks mobiles are goofy, so I haven't tried making one yet, lol...but I think I'll try the cloud one and see if it matches with everything else. I had to look on kijiji forever to get a crib, and it was supposed to be the one you have, according to the ad....but when JD brought it home, it was a different style, ha ha...but it was the style I was hoping for originally anyways, it came with a mattress in really good shape too.