Tuesday, April 2, 2013

32 weeks...

Well, I am nearing the end of my 32nd week, which is great news:) 

At 34 weeks the babies lungs are pretty much fully developed, and if he's born then he'll be healthy and won't have to spend too long in the NICU. So, the closer I get to 34 weeks, the happier I am. 

Last Saturday (about 9 days ago) I started on "bed rest"...I still get up and walk around a bit. Some days are better than others. A few of the days last week I spent most of the day on bed rest in the hospital...but for the most part I just hung out in my bed. 

Oh, and my friends rock. They would come hang out in my bed with me, drive my kids places and bring me yummy treats and books to help me pass the time. They are pretty much the bomb. 

The bad news this week was that I don't have a UTI, which can cause pre-term labor symptoms. I was hoping I did, so they could give me some pills and I could get back to normal for the next 8 weeks...but nope, still no reason for what's going on with me.

My last NST (non-stress test, to check the babies vitals and my contractions) was yesterday, and it was the best one I've had. The nurse told me to still get as much rest as possible, but that she knew I'd have to be getting up and doing stuff with my other children, and seemed okay with that. So, I've decided this week to get up and get around a bit more than last. If I'm feeling up to it, I'll walk to the mail box and back, or even just sit in the car while the hubby runs errands with the kids. 

I'm not sure if I'm really doing any better this week physically, I have good days and bad days...but I am doing much better emotionally and spiritually. I'm a lot less bummed about my situation, and so grateful that my baby is still inside me and doing well:) 

I think that all this sunny weather is helping my mood. Even just sitting out on the front steps yesterday was SO nice. I hope it continues to warm up...the sun does wonderful things for the soul:)

Here's some 32 week pics...it's pretty much the only time I've been out of my pj's all week...so we had to take some photos:)

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