Sunday, April 7, 2013

33 weeks:)

This past week has been quite a bit better. I decided to try and get out of the house a bit more...which worked really well for the first 3 days of the week

On Thursday I thought I'd take the boys swimming, and I tried really hard not to do much moving around or lifting or anything while we were there...but I think it was a but much. I spent the next 1 1/2 in bed...and then most of the weekend on and off in maybe no more swimming with the boys for a while, ha ha. 

One unfortuante thing is that my cramps/contractions/whatever-it-is-that's-happening-with-my-body (I felt like I shouldv'e hashtagged that...ha ha... #toomuchinstagrammingforthismamma) aren't getting any more regular, which is a great thing, but they are getting much stronger when they do happen--not such a good thing. 

I keep imaginging how tired I'm going to be when I actually start "real" labor, after feeling like I've been in labor for weeks and weeks, ssuuuppper awesome I bet. 

I meet with my OB again this week, so hopefully we'll have a chance to chat more about the c-section vs. VBAC thing. It's a little more risky than I had hoped to do a VBAC this time--so I haven't really decided what to do, I've been a little distracted with the whole bed-rest and contraction-thingy that we've been up to lately

One super awesome thing is that I got a whole stash of baby boy clothes, all really cute and tiny--way more than I ever had with the other boys. I got a great deal off of a swap-and-buy online, and they make me SO excited to meet this baby (and dress him up?!). 

Some of the loot:

And more:

We are NO farther on the naming-baby thing...although we do have a pretty great list going--we aren't much further in narrwoing down this little beans name. We'll probably wait to think more about it until he's born. 

Well, I've almost made it to the 34 week mark, which is awesome!! 34 weeks is the relative "safe zone" as far as baby-having goes. There are signifigantly less problems after 34 weeks, as the baby has done most of it's growing as far as neuro and lung development go. So that's great news:) 
(I was seriously doubtful about making it to even 34 weeks just 3 weeks ago)

Who knows when this baby will greet us, it could be any day...or not for several weeks (boy do I love not knowing...not!)...but when he does, he will have an awesome nursery and super cute clothes awaiting him:) Who could ask for more? ha ha:)

I'm having troubles uploading this weeks photo...but here's one I just got was taken the first week of February:)

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