Monday, November 7, 2011

....want a little cheese with all that whhhiiiinnnneeee??? sometimes I am a whiner....especially today!! 
I want all of my worry stress and time to be going into planning our move to hawaii...since how that's kind of a big deal, ya know? BUT, alas...I seem to have absolutely NO time or mind-space for any of that lately.
Apparently other people just aren't reliable...especially in the goods and services industry. We have been trying to get this house fixed that we are managing...and it seems like anything that could ever go wrong, has. Today, for instance, we were supposed to meet someone at 9 to look at fixing hubby went over one showed after 1/2 hour of waiting. Then I go over at 11:30 to meet with someone else to fix something else, and NOPE, no show again....seriously?! We've spent most of the morning just trying to meet with these people, phone calls etc...just for them not to show. LAME!! I hate having to rely on other to be responsible, it would be SO much easier if I could just fix everything myself...wouldn't that be awesome?? ha ha...if only I was Chuck Norris. 
The other major stress in my life is in finding the fine line between enabling and loving....I would love to just love and support ALL of the time...but will they ever learn? On the other hand, I'm not even sure if this person has the capability of may never happen. All of the rest of my mind-space and time this morning has gone to researching homeless shelters, mental health programs, rehabilitation centers at least I can be some help in giving this person information, if not help beyond that. 
It's hard to figure out how far to go when you want to show help and love to someone, when you want to feed the hungry and shelter the homeless...especially when it's someone you care about...but not give them so much that they will then take advantage of your help. 
I'm not sure if any of that made sense...but yup, I AM a whiner today, that's for sure. Hopefully in time, preferably in the next few days, some of these stressors will dissipate so I can focus on my own forthcoming dilemmas.