Tuesday, November 22, 2011

T-6 days to hawaii!!

Everyone that we meet, in every situation, little A comments to them: "we're moving to hawaii!!" (although both him and Roo pronounce it haw-I).
They are both REALLY excited....hopefully all of that excitement carries over to them being very well-behaved and happy on the airplane!! ha ha...doubtful.

Things are finally coming into place....a little more disorganized, and maybe a LOT more pricy than we were hoping to do it for. 
Apparently Dec-March in the high season in Hawaii....so we're hitting it right at THE most expensive time. Also, there is some crazy surfing championship, which makes it even MORE busy....yay us...what great plan-ahead-ers we are. 
So...THE PLAN thus far is to have a place booked for about 2 1/2 weeks...all around the north shore area. We are hoping to know by the end of that time whether or not we will stay for longer. We should have a good idea about jobs down there, and houses and what not....so either we'll be signing a lease, and starting a job....or planning our trip back home. 
If it's the latter, we have decided to pack a WHOLE bunch of our camping gear in our luggage...and we're going to rent a car, and camp out all over the island...maybe even island hop for a while. There are always really cheap flights in and out of hawaii, no matter what the day, if you are going to seattle...so that'll be our back-up plan. We'll just hang out there and maybe Victoria...and slowly make our way back home, sometime in January. 
Even the best-made plans have been known to fall through...and this isn't even a best-made plan...ha ha...so we'll see. We have quite a few back-up plans though, so I think we'll be okay!! Although camping for a month or more wasn't really what I'd hoped for, I still think it'll be awesome. 
The weirdest thing is saying good-bye to everyone...just because we have NO idea how long we'll be gone for! I mean....we could wimp out, and come back in 3 weeks....or we could LOVE it and find a fantastic DREAM job, and never come home?! ha ha....who knows. 
This is BY FAR the craziest thing we've ever done. We are SUPER grateful for my in-laws who are staying at our house and taking care of everything here for us...so that we have a place to some home to whenever we decide to. It really is amazing...
Well folks...I'll hopefully keep my blog updates regularily...we've made sure that ALL of the places we are staying at have wi-fi...that IS a must...and if we end up camping, my posts may be a little sparse...but I'll try to make it work. 
I love you all! Keep reading about ALL our crazy future adventures:)


  1. Good luck Crystal! So lucky that you guys are able to go and do that! I really hope it works out!! We'll be praying for you!

  2. Thanks amber!! We'll need prayers:) We'll have to get together when we get back...and I always keeps myself updated with your blog too:)

  3. Wow! Cool "crazy thing"! Best of luck to you and hope your trip - no matter how it turns out in the end - is an awesome experience!