Thursday, November 17, 2011

sorry for all my MIA-ness

I haven't been posting in what seems like sorry!! Sorry for my MIA-ness...
Apparently planning a 6 month stay-cation in another country, whilst trying to pack and clean most of our house and dealing with just being a mommy, and also a sister to someone who needs a LOT of help right time-consuming or something? ha ha...I guess. 
So is a little note to tell you that I AM indeed alive and kicking...and our hawaii plans are sssllloooowwwlllyyy coming together. 
I wish they would come together a LOT quicker than they are right now...since how we leave in T-11 days....but we DO have a rental car as of today....and a place to sleep for the first 3 nights...and some appointments to see some other houses once we land....oh and MOST importantly....we bought tickets for a submersible scooter and sea-turtle watching tour....COOL!!!
Well, peace out...I'm going to apply for some more jobs for my hubby:)


  1. Did you get a good deal on a car? Gary works for enterprise so he could probably get you a good deal if you don't already have one.

  2. Hey! I think we got a good one...I'm not sure what good is though. Do you wanna ask him? We have a mid-size one through alamo for 7 days, at 115 plus taxes; total:175.48...It seemed like a good deal, but maybe he'd get it for cheaper?