Thursday, May 1, 2014


I've been such a blog-slacker....sorry guys. Here's an update:

1) Homeschool is still going great! I'm loving reading articles and books on it, and getting more excited about doing it in the future. I always thought I'd just do it for a year or two, but for now, I'm hoping it will be much longer than that.
Most of our activities have wrapped up for this semester, and we finished all of our grade 1 outcomes several months ago. We've been working on the grade 2 ones, just to get a head start for next year.
We're looking into a lot of fun activities next year, but haven't settled on which ones yet. Some include parkour, hip hop, diving, cello, violin, art etc.
Reuben will be starting homeschool in the fall also and he's super excited about it! I am too:) I'm so glad that my kids have been enjoying it, as much as I do:)

2) Our kids are growing like weeds! Ashur eats more than any child I've ever met, and more than most adults I know (including my JD and I, and we eat a lot). We're not looking forward to that kid becoming a teen :/  He loves swimming, diving, reading, biking and is hoping to take an ATV day camp sometime this summer.

Reuben is getting big too! He's finally growing out of his clothes, and big enough for a booster. He still naps when he's tired, which is awesome! He's becoming a great little swimmer, and learning to read too. He's excited to start homeschool in the fall, and he has super sweet dance moves.

Oscar is huge!! He's almost 1 (2 weeks, eek!!) did that happen?! He's starting to say words like mama, dada and nana...and every once in a while says a random word perfectly clear (coincidence?!). He's a very proficient crawler, but hasn't mastered the art of walking yet, of which we are glad! He'll only get into more trouble:) His favourite thing to do is to eat stuff off the floor...anything, and everything...and it drives me nuts!! Seriously. He's not a good sleeper yet either, but makes up for it in his super cute personality and his love of laughter. We sure enjoy having him around:)

JD is loving his job and looking forward to our huge summer project! (See #3)

I'm really enjoying a book club we started a few months ago, and the occasional craft night. A lot of my time is spent mentally designing our awesome summer project (seriously LOVE Houzz!!)

3)  If you haven't already heard from FB, we're building a house!!! We started looking at lots ages ago, and settled on this wonderful pie-shaped lot in a quiet cul-de-sac super close to where we currently live. It took us months to figure out the logistics, the financing, if we could actually do it, how we'd do it etc....and then several more months to come up with a house plan and get it drawn up.
We're passed the design phase now, and the paperwork is taking ages!! It's driving me more than a little bit nuts, we're really anxious to start.
If all goes well, we should be digging in a week or so (although, I've been saying that for a month now, so who knows, ha ha!).
I LOVE designing, planning, picking out colours etc...and JD loves building, so we make a good team:)
I've posted tons of my ideas on Instagram, and I'll keep posting updates as they go on.
We're super excited about this as it's out first ever house!!

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