Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Our life

I haven't posted in a I'll do a quick update in our litle growing fanily:
-Oscar (Oscy) is 12 weeks old today. He is still a fantastic baby and he sleeps so well. He spends most of his day sleeping, or puking...we still haven't gotten the acid reflux under control too well. He is getting better at sleeping at night, but still wakes pretty often...often enough to make me exhausted most days. I'm getting more used to the lack of sleep, but I do find that I'm overly grumpy and impatient a lot more often than in the past. I'm working on that. 
-Roo is growing so much! He says the funniest things all day long, I feel like he could easily be a little reality tv show star becauase of his little attitude and funny behvior. He also loves getting his picture taken, which is great...if only his brother felt the same way, ha ha. He is super smart and has a great little memory...much better than ours, which makes life interesting sometimes. 
-"A" is growing a ton too, and tans SO well...even with copius amounts of sunscreen...he is crazy dark. He does NOT like getting his picture taken, at all, which is shown through the lack of pictures of him on instagram and facebook, ha ha. He is such a great older brother....he tries vey hard to be obedient and make me happy, and he is constantly helpful. I sure love him. 
-My hubby is just working away, almost finished his long year-and-a-half of training at his job, and will officially be starting his position in October of this year. We're both happy with that, although we both itch to move somewhere else...I know it'll happen one day. We love it here, but everytime we go on vacation we realize how beautiful other places are, and we just really would like to experience other areas.
-I'm down 33 lbs and counting!! I've started eating crazy healthy, which is unusual for me. It all started with going off of dairy, due to problems with eating it and Oscar getting sick. When I started to read ingredients on all the things I was eating, I started just choosing healtheir options...mostly just "real" food, and less processed junk. I haven't started excersing too much yet, although on vacation last week I did start aqua-fit, which was nice. I'm consdiering homeschooling the boys this fall, so I'll spend a lot of time over the new few weeks, looking into that. 
We just back from an aweosme vactaion in beauitful Fairmont, was lovely:)
Here are some shots:
Oscar chillin while we take a pit stop at a gas station

Crazy long line-up on our way home that set us back several hours

Me at the natural hot stprings was so warm

Ashur and I standing in a natural hot pool

Roo and I in front of the waterfall

Oh, and I had a birthday:) My friends decorated my house

JD toted little Oscy around on every hike we went on

I feel so blessed to have such a great little family...I love all my boys:)

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