Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Oscars 3rd month and our summer:)

Oscar is just the sweetest little thing (and his name is finally growing on me...yay!! I was SO worried that it never would, ha ha)
He is super happy, he just smiles at anyone and everyone who looks his way...its adorable. I really just can`t get enough of him...I love just cuddling and holding him all the time. I never felt that way about our other boys, just because they were so difficult that you had to hold them all the time, and ever when you held them, they would still cry their little eyes was sad. 
Oscar had a little bit of a hiccup this week in that his weight dropped a bunch, putting him on the `failure to thrive` side of kinda freaked me out for a few days. 
Luckily, through an awesome pediatrician and good advice from our Breastfeeding doctor, we`ve been able to get his acid reflux (puking) a little more under control through a new drug and more frequent (shorter) feeds. This week has been WAY better....and we got the results back from some other tests, and he is A-Okay. I am a much happier (and less worried) mama this week. 
In other Oscar news, he sleeps much better than the other boys ever did (even at age 2), so that`s fantastic!! He still isn`t awesome, but I`ll take what I can get, I was expecting much worse all around. 
He is super-duper strong, always holding up his neck and head and trying to sit up anytime we lay him down. He has limited tummy time, only because it makes his spitting up so much worse...but when he does, he just lifts his whole upper torse right off the ground. 
We sure love having him as a partof our`s just fantastic:)
With Oscar being so much more easy-going than I had planned, we`ve been able to get out a LOT this summer. 

Here are some highlights:
-picking berries (2x so far) at Broxburn, and make Strawberry-Chia jam (YUM!!)
-Hanging out at the Raymond pool and eating hawaain shaved ice (double YUM!!)
-Swimming at the Stirling pool, and having Roo jump off the diving board with no lifejacket!
-Going out to Wally`s beach for the first time ever, it is awesome out there!! And thanks to THE bestest EVER awesome nieghbors that we have, we also went boating and tubing. 
-Hanging out with our whole family in Waterton for the day
-Going on an extended famly vacation to was SO nice out there
-Playing on several new playgrounds
-Going to several farmers markets and eating delcious produce afterwards!
-Going out to the taber indoor pool 2x when it was cloudy is my kids FAVE pool ever
-Going to spray parks (especially Coaldale, we`ve loved that one this year)
-Playing in our own backyard playground and mini-pool...we love our yard:)

We`re all super sad over here that the hot weather we`ll be leaving us soon...but also happy that we don`t start school next week like the rest of you! ha ha...more on that later;)

I just LOVE this photo, and love that we got to spend SO much time with our family this summer:

(Oscars baby blessing day, thus ashur`s broken arm)

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