Monday, May 13, 2013

38 weeks:)

First's my belly:

Secondly, here are my crazy swollen feet:

And hands...

Need I say more? ha ha...

In the hand picture is hard to tell how swollen they actually are, but that ring is my fat-fake wedding ring, and at this point it's pretty much stuck on my finger, because my fingers are SO fat. My feet only fit in crazy big open flip-flops. My skin feels like its being constantly awesome, ha ha, not!!

Other going-ons:
-I went off bed rest 2 weeks ago (36 weeks) which was really exciting!! Bed rest really did help, and I noticed my contractions get much more sporadic, and not as frequent. 
-I have a lot of contractions now, but they never seem to go away or get horribly worse. They will get bad for a few hours, and I'll really think I'm in labor, and then they'll die down again. 
-For the whole weekend I've had pretty bad contractions, and not been sleeping really at all. 
-My heart burn has been increasingly worse. 
-Pretty much every part of my body is swollen and sore, but I did get a few massages last week, and got adjusted....that really helpd with the lower back pain, and slighlty with the pelvic pressure.
-I'm THE biggest I've ever been....I surpassed my hubby's weight...and am quickly closing in on a wholoe new set of digits....mmm...not sure how I feel about that, ha ha.

The BEST news is that I have a set baby-date. We had decided (finally, after MUCH deliberation), that I would try a VBA2C if I go into labor naturally before my planned 
c-section date. I really thought that I would, but so far, it's not happening. 
If I don't go into labor today or tomorrow, my c-section is planned for Wednesday (I'll be 38 weeks, only a day shy of 39 weeks).
My next post should be the birth story of our little stay tuned!! :)

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