Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Week 31...

I don't seem to have any super recent photos...and I look like junk today, so you'll have to wait a little 
In this picture I'm 30 weeks...

-Heart burn is still going strong...yay!! ha ha
-Gaining weight a litlle less rapidly, only 6 lbs last month, which is good
-I'm currently on bed rest for some cramping issues I've been having...so hopefully we can figure that out soon. Unfortunately it leads to a lot of sleep-less nights, which makes me a teensie more emotional than usual...as in I cry every time I talk, ha ha. 
-Still haven't decided about the VBAC or not...I was waiting to hear back from my OB about what he thinks...and now we just have to make a desicion. 
-I've been getting all these awesome shots in my butt...so that's new...ha ha...steroids for the baby in case my cramping turns into something more. 
-I've been getting much better at getting tests done myself...usually I'm a bawl baby when it comes to anything to do with needles, doctors etc...so I'm almost a big girl! ha ha

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