Monday, March 11, 2013

Week 29

I've been so bad at getting these updates up lately, so I'll try and remember anything new and fun that's happened in the last few weeks:)

Roo is ridiculously excited about this we all are. He mentions several times a day how excited he is for it to be "May" soon, as he knows that's when the baby comes. 

I had a dream about the baby, and how sweet he was...when I awoke I was sad that he wasn't here with us yet, and it made me even more excited to meet him in just a few short months! (although I'm still not so excited about labor/c-section...and I don't even know which we're doing yet either)

-I seem to gain a lot of weight each appt. now...around 2-4 lbs per week...but I haven't been weighed in 2 weeks, so maybe it`s dying down a little bit. If not, I'll be huge when this is over! ha ha
-My indigestion is getting gradually worse, making it hard to eat and sleep...mostly sleep. 
-My belly is seriously off-kilter. I would post a picture, but my stomach just isn't what it used to be, ha ha. I think it`s because the baby isn't in the right position yet. I plan on chatting with my doctor about that next appointment. Right now I think the baby is all on my left side, which is why my stomach looks so lopsided. 
-I have been getting more and "Braxton-hicks" or whatever you want to call them. I call mine contractions, because I'm almost certain that's what they are(I also asked my sister to ask her mid-wife what the difference was too, so I think they are "real", yet minor contractions). This is the way I felt early on with Roo's   pregnancy. When I went into labor early with him, it wasn't that much of a surprise because of how many of these contractions I would have on a regular basis...for probably 3 months leading up to his delivery(which was about 3 weeks early). 

I think that's about it! I'm really excited about his nursery too, although I keep changing my mind about colors and styles...ha it'll be a surprise how it turns out:)

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