Friday, February 22, 2013

27 weeks...

I'm officially into the 3rd trimester...and I think my body figured it out before my mind did. 

I've been a lot less comfortable this past week or so...just stretchy and squishy and bigger and sleepless etc.

The first 20 weeks I only gained 5 lbs-ish...but over the last month I'vegained 14 so much for not gaining too much this pregnancy! I still have 3 months to go! ha ha...

I started on the nursery, which is fun. Usually I don't do a whole lot this early, but little Roo came almost a month early and I was entirely unprepared. 

I plan on being completely ready before the month of May. That way the baby can come anytime within the month of May, and I won't be so unprepared. 

I'm SUPER excited about my baby nursery ideas!!
Here are some of them:

-I LOVE this picture...I'm thinking in a white frame maybe

-This fabric from Joann's...I already have a little bit, maybe for a pillow on the glider chair--a crib sheet would be nice also. (I'd love white, grey and a pop of orange for the bedding-but I'm not sure if I'm up to sewing all that)

-I love this fabric from Joann's too, I'm thinking maybe as a duvet cover, if the orange color matches everything else
(it'd be nice to have a few swatches of fabric framed hanging above the dresser too)

-This is the crib that I want. It's really small and subtle, which will match the soft tones already painted

-I've made this idea for a baby shower before and absolutely loved how it turned out. I think I'll drape it over or behind the crib

That's pretty much it!! Not too much new to's the stats:
-total weight gain: 20 lbs (ish)
-the baby was 2.2 lbs at my ultrasound last week
-Baby boy moves around ALL the time
-Everything's been really healthy and normal
-Still have bad heartburn, ligament and joint pain, back pain, insomnia, crazy hunger etc...ha ha...gotta love it!!

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